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We foster sustainable innovation and drive market-ready solutions in the food industry by connecting start-ups, companies and experts!

We work against world hunger. And for sustainable consumption and production of food

Food production accounts for over a quarter (26%) of global greenhouse gas emissions and the demand for food is continuously increasing due to a growing global population. The urgency to produce more with less is on top of the agenda. Over the last THE MISSION Food programs, we faced the challenge of providing access to a nutritious diet and reduce the CO2 footprint of the industry by building several solutions:

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rest:art recycles spent grain (brewery side stream) into vegan meat alternatives that are rich in protein and can be produced cost-effectively on a large scale.
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SymBiotic Food has developed a combination of vertical farming and aquaponics that is highly energy efficient and maximizes yield thanks to Fraunhofer orbiplant technology.
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Odacova has developed an app that helps people eat healthier. Their B2B business model is aimed at catering partners with the goal of becoming part of BGM (company health management).
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Terra Preta uses pyrolysis to produce biochar from agricultural waste. Used on agricultural land, it stores carbon in the soil and can be used for both carbon in- and offsetting.
THE MISSION Food has not only given us access to customers and partners from production, retail and gastronomy, but also supported us in the further development and scaling of our business model. To all founders: This is much more than just a standard accelerator program!
Elvira Bechthold,
Start-up Founder at rest:art
Ohne THE MISSION Food könnten so köstliche & fabelhafte Problemlösungen wie jene von rest:art kaum so solide, geschmeidig und rasch in den Markt gleiten! Gemeinschaftsgastronomie-Unternehmen wie Dussmann sind froh, dass es Accelerator wie euch gibt - das macht uns die skalierbare Anwendung von Futurefood-Produkten wesentlich leichter.
Christian Hamerle,
Head of Food Service at Dussmann
THE MISSION Food ist ein tolles Programm, um verheißungsvollen Food-Startups die nötige Traktion zu geben!
Prof. Dr. Carsten Leo Demming,
Professor at DHBW
Long-term thinking and responsible action are part of our self-image at WISAG. Therefore it needs innovations: New products and business models are the basis for a liveable future. Together with Futury Ecosystem we integrate start-ups into our digital and sustainable transformation and appreciate The Mission as a platform for innovative ideas and constant exchange.
Till Eichenauer,
Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation at WISAG

Our focus topics

Alternative Products & Foods
Nutrition & Health
Traceability & Sustainability
Regenerative Agriculture
Food Waste

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