We are a part of a bigger ecosystem
thriving for a sustainable future

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We see ourselves as an innovation ecosystem with a unique life-cycle approach for a sustainable transformation.

We leverage our ecosystem to connect and guide corporates and startups into a more sustainable and innovation-driven future.

We accompany people, startups, and organizations on their way to a value-oriented, sustainable and successful future.

As Futury, we foster collaboration and synergy and thereby, aim to drive groundbreaking solutions and shape a future where innovation flourishes. Therefore, we identify relevant problems with industry partners along whole value chains, scout the best early-stage startups and talents and develop solutions, business models and market access in our accelerator program, THE MISSION.

As Futury Capital we invest in the most promising transformation startups and support transformative growth through our engagement and our network.

With our Future Institute for Sustainable Transformation, we bridge the gap between science and business and foster the connection between research-based sustainability and entrepreneurial action. We do this by offering various services such as studies, educational programs for employees and executives, and project-based collaboration projects. The Future Institute for Sustainable Transformation as a joint venture with ESMT Berlin, is thus specialized in the development and communication of innovative sustainability solutions and supports companies in their transformation.

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