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Do you work on a startup-idea and want to reach your next milestone?

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THE MISSION is much more than just an accelerator.

During the three-month program, you will get in touch with market leaders from your industry (and maybe you will win them as your pilot-customers).

You will deepen the skills and knowledge you need to push your startup to the next level. And the best: All this will happen with your dream-team - whether you have already found it or whether you will find it with us.

It is not easy to found a successful sustainable startup, but we support you in every step of the way. During the program you benefit from the following:

As a startup you benefit from a couple of services:

Access to 10+ corporate partners from your industry specific value chain with high interest of close collaboration and joint partnerships
Needs-based coachings for business by Bain & Company, for IP related topics by WSL Patentanwälte and for data by e:fs TechHub GmbH
Media reach and coverage provided by Handelsblatt Media Group (e.g. exclusive featuring, advertorial and more)
If you are a founder who believes in the power of ecosystems, is open for corporate collaboration and wants to grow as founders, I would love to connect and exchange with you to discuss what we can do together within our ecosystem!
Isabell Schastok,
Head of Growth & Ventures FUTURY

Apply now for our accelerator via our platform!

THE MISSION Food, Waste, Construction or Cyber Security

Now is your time to actively shape the future. Join one, two or all of them!
Key Dates for applicants
*Applications are open all year long
Application Deadline
Finalize profile on Inno Platform
Demo Day
Interim Event
Final Event
Application Deadline
Finalize profile on Inno Platform
Demo Day
Interim Event
18.07.2024 (tbd)
Final Event
Application Deadline
Finalize profile on Inno Platform
Demo Day
Interim Event
Final Event
Application Deadline
Finalize profile on Inno Platform
Demo Day
Interim Event
23.07.2024 (tbd)
Final Event


Startup Application Process

Program Fit-Check

As soon as you filled out our application form on the platform, we evaluate your fit to the program. Thereby, we focus on your (founder) team, solution-corporate needs-fit, sustainability impact and scalability of your business model.

Evaluation phase

Based on your profile on the platform and the filled out application form, the corporate. They select the top-ranked startups who will be invited to the last step, the demo day.

Pitch and selection

During a virtual Demo Day you will have the chance to present your solution to all participating corporate partners. Together the most fitting startups will be selected for the upcoming batch.

THE MISSION Startup Success Stories

Get inspired by our founders’ stories and by what they achieved in our program


100% compostable and plastic free filling material based on straw


App to educate on correct recycling


Truly home compostable biopolymer material derived from seaweed


Sustainable biobased, compostable, and recyclable ultra-thin film made of pure cellulose


SaaS tool to analyze product assortments for the packaging optimization to reduce transport costs a

Optimo GmbH

Web app to match experienced blue-collar workers with young workers to exchange skills


Image of an employee at futury
Isabell Schastok
Head of Growth & Ventures
Who can apply?

Anyone with an innovative idea can apply - from solo entrepreneurs to early-stage start-ups.If you are applying with a startup you should consider the following criteria: Your idea should not be older than four years. Have you already founded a corporation? Then it should not be older than three years. In general the accelerator is open to all innovative startups with the capacity to develop a new solution or repurpose their existing solution.

How can I join THE MISSION?

To participate in the program:- Fill out the registration form for the respective MISSION.- If you are preselected you will receive an invitation to register on the Futury Innovation Platform- Create your profile on the platform and submit your solution- The participating corporate partners will then select the most promising  teams, who will then pitch at the virtual demo day- We will then jointly select the best teams for each program

Do I need an idea to apply?

You can apply with or without an idea. If you do not have an idea on your own or with your team, we will match you with other participants who are still looking for co-founders.

What do you expect from startups?

First and foremost, we expect startups to make the resources available to actively engage with our corporate partners. For a successful collaboration and program success, we organize three face-to-face meetings (kick-off, interim and final event) with our corporate partners and needs-based weekly 1-1.5 hours digital coaching sessions with Bain & Company.

Does Futury support me financially?

Yes. It is important for us to make sure, that you have all the resources to make your idea happen and you can fully focus on your project. Therefore, each team gets 5.000 EUR.