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"Bringing the best Startups together with
Corporates to create an long-lasting impact"

We drive market-ready solutions solving the most pressing cyber security challenges from the industry within three months by connecting corporates, startups, talents and industry experts!

Cyber secruity is a rising issue.

43 countries have better overall cyber security than Germany, and thus we join forces by building our THE MISSION Cyber Security ecosystem. We connect cyber security startups and solution-providing, as well as applying corporates to jointly develop industry-relevant solutions to identify, detect, protect, respond, and recover from cyber attacks:

  • Identify: How can startups assist corporates in understanding cyber security risk to systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities

  • Detect: How can startup solutions help to detect cyber-attacks in the corporate environment?

  • Protect: How can startups help corporates to protect their business continuity by limiting the impact of cyber-attacks?

  • Respond: How can corporates use the help of startup solutions to respond in the critical hours after a cyber-attack?

  • Recover: How can startups help corporates to recover from attacks in the long term and prevent them in the future
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For this collaboration of corporates and startups, we consider various points of attack at the corporates:



What are potential risks and entry points in the IT / OT landscape?


How can we create awareness within and outside of our organization


How do we need to respond to an attack to ensure quick recovery?


With us our corporate partners find the right solutions and talents to achieve their ESG and sustainability targets.

Join us as a corporate!


We support startups in their piloting and growth phase to find strong partners for collaboration, faster go-to-market or product development.

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With us entrepreneurial talents find jobs in the industry or startups to contribute to a sustainable future.

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