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We drive market-ready solutions solving our packaging and waste challenges within three months by connecting corporates, startups, talents and industry experts!

We reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry.

The construction industry is the top global consumer of raw materials and generates between 25 to 40 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. Thus, the industry requires smart planning and sustainable designs to reduce energy consumption and pollution. Over the last THE MISSION Construction programs, we developed several solutions with sustainable impacton our future:

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VePa builds and operates vertical parking towers that support the real estate industry and urban spaces to solve the parking space problem in an innovative and sustainable way​
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LithiumDesigners have built an Innovative planning software and 3D printed facadenodes to ease construction processes by automating planning stages to generate lego-like constructions​
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Zentur IO optimizes the operation of heating systems and district heating grids by evaluating data from the consumption side and deriving efficiency measures​
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YCOLabs have developed Insulation material gained through fungus mycelium insulation technology to solve the problem of environmentally destructive insulation​
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With us our corporate partners find the right solutions and talents to achieve their ESG and sustainability targets.

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We support startups in their piloting and growth phase to find strong partners for collaboration, faster go-to-market or product development.

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With us entrepreneurial talents find jobs in the industry or startups to contribute to a sustainable future.

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Recycling & modernization
Digital tools for manual work(ers)
Smart energy management
Modern & inclusive building space

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Explore our repository of insightful reports and forward-thinking analyses that shape the future of sustainability and entrepreneurship. In this section, we share in-depth research, expert perspectives, and visionary ideas that challenge the status quo and inspire meaningful action.