Sports: Be Sustainable!

Sustainability in sports

Sport has a duty to make its contribution to more sustainability. This area of society literally moves masses of people and therefore creates a not small ecological footprint.

We solve it with innovative startups

With five excellent teams we developed ideas that challenge the status quo of the sports stadium industry with their unique, innovative ideas.

Waste: Be Circular!

Waste Be Circular was the first THE MISSION program.

Together with 11 companies covering the entire plastic value chain, from production (Huhtamaki, Schur Flexibles), distribution (DB Schenker), retail (Schwarz Group), recycling (PreZero), and many more, the five selected teams worked on their solutions to reduce, reuse or recycle plastic waste.

Plastic is a global problem

Plastic is everywhere, and you can hardly get rid of it and it is our task to solve this problem.

We solve it with innovative startups

With five excellent teams we developed ideas that challenge the status quo of the recycling industry with their unique, innovative ideas.

How did the program go?

Our highlights & success stories


AmetiXGreen offers a dashboard that shows the operators of large facilities such as soccer stadiums where they currently stand in the sustainability dimensions of ecology, social, economic and corporate governance, where there is room for improvement and allows them to compare their performance with other stadiums and clubs.


FANBLOC is an app where each user first creates his or her personal avatar. Afterwards and with the help of an interactive map, users can see where other fans are and where they can meet up with them to, for example, watch soccer in a bar. Moreover, by answering a catalog of questions beforehand, users can pre-filter whether they have basically the same interests. Finally the team presented another app feature of a reward system for jointly passed challenges which should provide an additional incentive to use the app.


GrubGuard is a platform that is designed to plan what is prepared in the kitchen on what day and in what quantities, and to measure how much of which product had to be thrown away. This requires a smart waste garbage connected to a tablet PC, which the employee uses to enter which dish has just returned from the VIP lounge's buffet.‘GrubGuard’ is to be used by caterers as well as by the operators of an arena. Therefore, there should also be different payment models.


The white-label product is to be integrated into club apps, such as those of FC Bayern Munich, and offer fans a way to plan their journey when they buy their tickets. All mobility providers - from trains to buses - are invited to present their products on their site. ‘Commensally’ will then organize carpools among fans with them. In this way, the arriving fans can be distributed to different timeslots so that the influx of visitors is somewhat equalized.


The ‘Voltastic’ platform is designed to help decision-makers - for example in large arenas - to find the right providers and solutions if they want to invest in sustainable power supply. Researchers can specify exactly what they need and choose between different technology stages: prototype, pilot phase or finished product.

Success stories

Annabell Hillenbrandt

Senior Manager, Bain & Company
In The Mission, you have motivated and driven young talents on the one side and big established companies on the other side. Bringing them together creates an incredible microcosmos where you can really change things.  

- Niklas Schaefer

Founder of Budge, THE MISSION Alumni
Besides an energizing team spirit, you become part of a potential new start-up in a setting incomparable to anything else. Or can you think about a place where you get all the freedom you need to be creative and being paid for creating your own company?

- Lynn Knapp

Co-founder AmetiXGreen, THE MISSION Alumni
The program provides you not only with a safe environment to develop your ideas or with experienced partners to work with. It also comes with many open-minded and energetic people and heaps of drive and positive energy.