Energy: Be Empowered!

The energy transition brings huge challenges with it

What challenges does the energy transition bring with it? Which technologies will shape the future?

We solve it with innovative startups

With five excellent teams we developed ideas that challenge the status quo of the energy industry with their unique, innovative ideas.

Waste: Be Circular!

Waste Be Circular was the first THE MISSION program.

Together with 11 companies covering the entire plastic value chain, from production (Huhtamaki, Schur Flexibles), distribution (DB Schenker), retail (Schwarz Group), recycling (PreZero), and many more, the five selected teams worked on their solutions to reduce, reuse or recycle plastic waste.

Plastic is a global problem

Plastic is everywhere, and you can hardly get rid of it and it is our task to solve this problem.

We solve it with innovative startups

With five excellent teams we developed ideas that challenge the status quo of the recycling industry with their unique, innovative ideas.

How did the program go?

Our highlights & success stories


Endeema is an EU-based company offering a software that matches energy consumption with intermittent renewable energy supply in electricity grids. The software then provides recommendations and automated responses to change the company's production plan. This helps companies to save electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions while still meeting customer orders. Endeema effectively makes companies more competitive and sustainable, while also integrating intermittent renewable energy in electricity grids.
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Based on crowdfunding, Raenergy provides a web platform where private individuals can present their CO2 reduction projects and raise funds.


Batterize provides fleet operators with a platform in which the status, performance and charging cycle of the batteries of each individual vehicle can be accessed through comprehensive data transfer.


Enovato is Germany's first digital energy consultant and helps you to carry out your renovation easily, quickly, cost-efficiently and sustainably. We provide you with clarity about subsidies and individual sustainable building measures!


The team relies on the use of duckweed to filter heavy metals from industrial wastewater. In this way, they simultaneously generate biomass that can be used as a renewable energy source.

Success stories

Annabell Hillenbrandt

Senior Manager, Bain & Company
In The Mission, you have motivated and driven young talents on the one side and big established companies on the other side. Bringing them together creates an incredible microcosmos where you can really change things.  

- Niklas Schaefer

Founder of Budge, THE MISSION Alumni
Besides an energizing team spirit, you become part of a potential new start-up in a setting incomparable to anything else. Or can you think about a place where you get all the freedom you need to be creative and being paid for creating your own company?

- Lynn Knapp

Co-founder AmetiXGreen, THE MISSION Alumni
The program provides you not only with a safe environment to develop your ideas or with experienced partners to work with. It also comes with many open-minded and energetic people and heaps of drive and positive energy.