The Mission IV:
WORK - Be Next!

3-month venture program starts in November 2020!

Are you ready to build the sustainable future of WORK?

Get a three-month all-inclusive paid entrepreneurship experience for you and your team of co-founders!

Make a real impact with your sustainable and innovative ideas.

Expand your horizon, nework and skillset in a fantastic environment.

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We spend at least 1/3 of our days at work. Drowned in our daily routine, we often ignore what’s happening around us and don’t have time to reflect on how, where and with whom we work.  Oftentimes, we adapt to existing norms and company culture that have existed for generations and accept them thinking there’s no room for change. But COVID-19 challenged us in a way that we couldn’t continue business-as-usual anymore. Millions of people had to adjust their routines and find new ones, realizing that there was room for change. The way we as a society handled the situation has proven us that we have the ability to adapt to new circumstances and find solutions for most pressing issues. Moreover, in the next years, a whole new generation will enter the job market.  They have different expectations from their employers and a value system that is built around the topic of sustainability.

Now that is why Futury is looking for innovative ideas to address the new challenge statement:

How can we shape the how, where and with whom we work in a sustainable and future-oriented way? ​

Join Schaeffler, Deutsche Bank, Handelsblatt Media Group, Bain & Company, Green Cycle and many other partners in “The Mission IV: Work – Be Next!” to build the future of work together. The application is open now - hurry up!


The Mission is a series of 12 innovation projects aiming to bring sustainability into different fields of the industry. Futury connects market leaders of each industry with young talents ready and willing to challenge the status quo. In an intensive three-month entrepreneurship program, teams of talents and corporate partners co-create and collaborate on innovative concepts, products and services that have a social, economic and/or environmental impact on the society. On that journey, Futury equips you with everything you need to succeed:

  • Direct access to corporate partners,
  • Workshops for your soft and hard skills,
  • Individual training and coaching,
  • Office in a co-working space
  • Monthly financial support 🚀

Think of it as an all-inclusive entrepreneurship experience with endless opportunities!


  • Apply individually or with your team of co-founders. Applying alone? We’ll match you with a dream team later in the recruiting process.
  • To apply, fill out the application form below with your CV and your first idea draft (optional).
  • Your idea should be a concept, product, or service that clearly addresses the project’s challenge statement. Use the Ideation section of this page for inspiration and guidelines.
  • Your team should consist of diverse young talents with whom you will develop a prototype of your solution within our program.
  • Once your application is screened, we will contact you and your team for an initial interview.
  • In the second interview, be ready to pitch your initial idea and your team to our project managers!
  • Once all applicants are screened and interviewed, we’ll choose the TOP 5 teams and ideas to enter The Mission!
  • Please note, that all of you must be available to participate in the project full-time in Frankfurt! Scroll down for the project timeline.


With the initiative The Mission, we want to pursue one goal. To bring sustainability into various fields of the industry. To this purpose, all The Mission partners have jointly defined 12 different topic areas. Each of these areas will be covered by one innovation project, i.e. a Mission. Each project lasts three months and consists of different phases, which are described below.


We will select the best 5 teams (i.e. 20 applicants) from all over the world, who bring the highest motivation and the best ideas to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the work of the future. Each team will work on one idea. Beginning on the 26th of October 2020 for roughly three months, the teams will work on their ideas in a co-working space in Frankfurt and will have the opportunity to intensively collaborate with all corporate partners.


Futury will welcome the teams with an intensive onboarding week full of methodological workshops, e.g. Design Thinking & User Research, as well as expert lectures in Frankfurt to put them directly on the right track. Afterwards, they will prepare their initial pitches for the first milestone event - the Kick-off - where they will present their innovative and sustainable ideas and get to know all project partner for the first time.

Check out our Blog to see how the previous Onboarding Weeks went 😉

Working Phase

From then on, the teams start turning their ideas into reality. All project partners will supportthe teams with their know-how, industry insights and best practices. Through regular exchanges and on-sight visits at the corporates, we ensure a co-creational approach. Besides the Initiators Futury, Bain & Company, Deutsche Bank, Green Cycle and Handelsblatt Media Group, further partners who are subject to fast change in the way we work together, as well as technology companies will join the project and help the teams in developing their ideas. Further partners will be announced soon.

All teams will be accompanied by Bain & Company, one of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms, who provide helpful advice, methods and tools. Futury gives access to any other expert needed: user research, prototyping, business modelling and testing specialists... and get exposed: The Handelsblatt Media Group will give you great reach through their media channels!

TheProject will be divided into two phases. The first phase is scheduled in the timeframe from 02.  November 18. December 2020 followed by a Christmas Break till the 04. January 2021. The second phase is scheduled till the 03. February 2021.

Final Pitch

After three months of intensive work, the teams will present their prototypes and business models toall partners. This could be the first step towards your own start-up or direct career access to one of the partners. How far you want to reach simply depends on your commitment on the project.


To participate in the project, you do not necessarily have to apply with an idea. If you apply without an idea, you will be assigned to a team that already has an idea. But maybe your idea is the next big thing? Apply with your idea to find out!

The project aims to find innovative approaches to the way, where and with whom all of us work.

The 3 Innovation Fields

Within this project we aim to tackle three particular areas of innovation which are inevitably interlinked between each other. The three innovation fields defined for this project are (2) people, (3) places and (4) productivity.  Each of them has a different focus. From the different problems and needs people have at their everyday work, over the constant development of the places we work at, to the ever-changing tools we use to execute productively. Together the three innovation fields form our framework to shape the sustainable future of work.


This innovation field focuses on the human factor of work – people. The problems and needs of people play an important role. When the technology we use, and the places where work at change, people’s skills and behaviours must change, too. Examples for subtopics could be:

• Team & Collaboration
• Work-Life-Blending
• Health (physical & mental)
• Digital Literacy
• White Collar vs. Blue Collar
• Career Lifecycle & Planning


This innovation field focuses on the geographical and resource factor of work – places. Globalization, cultural changes and technology allows us more and moreflexibility in our work location as well as the improved use of resources. Examplesfor subtopics could be:

• Office vs. Home Office (blending)
• Travel & Mobility
• Use of Resources (e.g. energy, waste, water, etc.)
• Safety at Work
• Nutrition & Food


This innovation field focuses on the technological factor of work – heavily affecting our productivity. The technological development has been a major driver for change. Changes in the tools and devices we use has the possibility to heavily drive our sustainable development, too. Examples for subtopics could be:

• Tools & Software (e.g.Cloud, Collaboration Tools, AI, etc.)

• Server & Legacy Systems  (Accessibility)

• Devices & Hardware (e.g. Smartphones, Laptops, etc.)

• Data & Data Security

Learn more about how to develop your idea...


Every employee journey is unique, depending on the industry, location and career level people are in. When brainstorming your initial innovative idea, imagine what a typical day of an employee looks like and identify potential problems they might be facing along the way. See an exemplary Daily Employee Journey below:


Check out the Daily Employee Journey:  Choose steps that you'd like to tackle and identify the problems around them
Focus on the Innovation Fields: See in which area(s) you want to make a change
Develop a sustainable solution: A service or product that would optimize, transform or redesign existing processes in a sustainable way - socially, economically and/or environmentally.

Project Timeline

September 25th, 2020
Extended Application Deadline
End of September 2020
Announcement of the Participants
October 26st, 2020
Internal Kick-Off
November - February 2021
Project Phase incl. a two-week Christmas break
January 27th, 2021
Final Pitch with all Corporate Partners
Annabell Hillenbrand, Manager, Bain & Company

In The Mission, you have motivated and driven young talents on the one side and big established companies on the other side. Bringing them together creates an incredible microcosmos where you can really change things.  

Niklas Schäfer, Futury Alumni

Besides an energizing team spirit, you become part of a potential new start-up in a setting incomparable to anything else. Or can you think about a place where you get all the freedom you need to be creative and being paid for creating your own company?

Application Form

Apply In 3 Quick Steps


Fill out the application form. Applying as a team? Ask your team-mates to apply individually and enter the same team name - be creative ;)


Attach your CV (in English or German)


OPTIONAL: Attach your idea. Use the idea form below or feel free to use your own template.

Idea Form
Questions? Read the FAQ or get in touch with me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Futury support me financially?

Absolutely. We pay our teams a monthly salary. Moreover, we cover all project-related costs, like traveling to partners during the project as well as the costs for the prototype.

I am still a student, can I participate in the project?

As long as you can commit to the project full-time! For you to get the best out of this experience, we recommend applying after having finished at least 5 semesters of your Bachelor studies . If you feel like you're ready anyway - give it a try!

How close do I work with the corporate partners?

Very close! We involve the partners already in the Onboarding Week and organize at least one mandatory weekly debrief with them. Each team gets at least one contact person in the partner companies for all their questions and requests.

Can I apply with my friends as a team?

Absolutely! But please be aware that each team-mate must apply individually. Follow the instructions in the application form. A dream team would normally consist of a Project Manager, a Software Engineer, a Product Designer and a Sustainability Expert. But there is no standard formula - it always depends on the idea.

When do I get the final result of my application? 

Not before the application deadline. To make sure we give every applicant the same chance to be part of the project, we take our time to screen and process every application. The final-final results usually come 4-6 weeks before the project starts.

How do you put the teams together?

We match talents based on their skills and their background, to make sure that everyone can contribute to the outcomes in a different way. Because there is no innovation without diversity!

Do I have to be in Frankfurt for the project?

Yes. Our projects take place on-site, meaning that we expect you to come to your office in TechQuartier at least 4 times a week. Bonding with your team-mates and learning and growing together is an experience worth moving to Frankfurt for. And it's a nice city! 

Can I participate in the project and attend my university classes at the same time?

We don't recommend multitasking. The participation in the project means you are 100% committed to your idea and your team and don't have any other occupations. 
As exception can be made for those students who will not have to attend classes during the project but only have to write a final thesis instead. In that case, we expect you to put your main efforts into the project and write your thesis in the evenings/on the weekends. 

Questions? Contact me!

If you have any questions regarding the projects or the application process just send me an e-mail or give me a call:

+49 160 5759901

What is the possible outcome of my participation in the project?

From finding your next big job to creating your own start-up - it's up to you what you get out of this experience! 

Can I apply without an idea?

You can apply without an idea. During the application process, we will help you to develop one or we match you with other participants who are still searching for team members but already have an idea.

Why is this not a conventional internship? 

Because you're your own boss! In the project, you and your team decide on what idea you work on and how you develop it. We give you a platform to create and grow, the rest is up to you. Sky's the limit!

Does the program get affected by COVID-19?

Just like every other company, we comply with health and safety regulations of the state of Hesse. Since the state allows us to work on-site, we expect our Talents to be in Frankfurt for the duration of the project and participate on-site. A remote participation in the project is not possible. 

Do I have to come to Frankfurt for the interviews? 

The first interview is just a phone call. The second interview is a video-chat. Should you pass the second interview, we will invite you to our exclusive recruiting event in Frankfurt that will take place end of September. You will get all the information on that in your interviews. 

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