The Mission VII:
Transformation - Be Sustainable!

The program is already finished.


Round seven! Sustainability has quickly moved to the top of almost every company’s agenda – in fact, the call for a sustainable transformation has never been louder. However, our corporate world lacks innovative ideas and practical solutions to finally make a change. If we want to meet our sustainability goals, we must redesign today’s approaches and if we want companies to transform, we need to empower their employees.

Out of almost 600 applications, we invited 9 talents from top European universities and German business schools to our program, who all gathered experience at major consulting firms, DAX 30 companies and/or public institutions and governmental organizations – they know the corporate world, and they are ready to transform it. Together, we will inspire, educate and activate the world, and path the way towards a more sustainable future.

What was the program about?

With our program "The Mission: Transformation– Be Sustainable!", we wanted to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable transformation of our corporate world. We did not focus on a specific section but on all pillars of sustainability and cross-sector solutions. Specifically, we have defined three areas we wanted to tackle. Each area was covered by one team of 3 talents:

  • Inspiration: we want to design a sustainability assessment tool for corporates to win over people's hearts
  • Education: we want to create a gamified sustainable education curriculum to provide relevant knowledge
  • Activation: we want to develop an ESG screening & portfolio management tool to start the right actions

Final Pitch

Get to know the teams!

Team 1 - Mavue

Today’s sustainability challenges are the perfect breeding ground for startups with the aim to deliver a positive economic, ecological and/or social impact. To succeed in their missions and visions, they need a funding and Donatus, Julius and Suren want to make sure that they attract (the right) investors – with mavue, a digital platform that provides ESG rankings and data on startups to help investors screen the market.

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Team 2 - Resolvert

Companies play a decisive role in the sustainable transformation of our world, but the gap between the intention and the implementation of sustainable actions blocks the way towards a more sustainable future. Importantly, change must come from within to have a lasting positive impact. It is, therefore, crucial to create awareness and knowledge among employees – this is where our teame ducation focuses on. Meet Verena, Florent and Matthias

Team - 3 Sustainacy

The call for a sustainable transformation of our corporate world has never been louder: science demands and society expects that leading companies protect our planet and drive change to secure life on earth – they must transform themselves, find new structures, invent new products, and develop new processes. To support this transformation from within, Paula, Selina and Oriana develop a platform that helps corporates meet and track their sustainability targets: Sustainacy evaluates corporate goals, employees’ readiness, and the external environment to recommend the best implementable actions for carbon emission reduction.

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Program Timeline

July 2021
August 2021
Announcement of Participants
September 8th, 2021
September - December 2021
Program Phase
December 3rd, 2021
Final Pitch with all Corporate Partners
Dominik Müller, Green Light, The Mission V

“We really like that The Mission is a safe environment to test out our ideas. In addition, Futury provides us with an excellent network of corporate partners that share their knowledge with us and are willing to help us to remove the roadblocks on our way.”

Walter Sinn, Managing Partner Bain & Company Germany

"It's the combination of young enthusiastic talents on the one side and motivated corporate partners on the other side that enables The Mission to catalyze innovation in a unique way."

Lena Rehder, Connectra, The Mission V

"It’s just great to work with so many inspired and motivated people. The corporate partners and Futury members act as experienced sparring partners, who supply us with great support and accompany us on our way towards a solution. They provide us with valuable feedback and help us taking on new perspectives."

Anurag Gupta, goldfinch, The Mission V

“It’s a very young, dynamic environment to work in. Moreover, we feel connected to all the other teams and do not have the need or feeling of competing against each other. Instead, we find this environment perfect for supporting each other’s ideas, struggles - being a big team.”

Lukas Peschmann, pacelo, The Mission V

“A huge diversity of personalities is one of the most valuable aspects being part of the Mission V. This environment is motivating and inspiring to make the most out of the time, which passes by very fast.”

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