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Germany-wide, more than 18 million football fans visit stadiums every year. The Allianz Arena alone attracts more than 2 million football enthusiasts every year. On a regional, national and international scale:​ Football moves the world and has a huge social, economic but also ecological impact. That is why we have started our third Mission:​ Transforming the Allianz Arena into the Sustainability Arena of the future.​

Andreas Jung, Member of the Managing Board at FC Bayern, formulated the objective: "Together with Futury, we are looking for the most promising ideas and the best talents to help us create a sustainable future for the Allianz Arena." Keep scrolling to find out what our teams developed in the 3 month program.

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How did the project work?

From more than 800 applications, 19 young talents from various disciplines and countries were selected. Divided into five teams, they were working on making Munich's Allianz Arena more sustainable. The focus is not only about issues that affectthe building itself, such as energy supply. It is also about new mobility and traffic concepts, the promotion of an integrative fan community, resource-saving logistics in waste management and the evaluation of arenas from the perspective of sustainability. The 19 selected talents were divided into 5 teams which then worked independently on one of the topics. During the project the teams were very closely supported by the project partners of The Mission III : FC Bayern Munich, the Allianz Arena, Allianz, Audi, Telekom, Siemens, HypoVereinsbank, PreZero and Arabesque. They all contributed their experience and industry knowledge to the solution development.

Through regular exchanges during the project, the teams and the project partners worked very closely together. They could exchange ideas, test their solutions directly, and receive valuable input from the experts in the respective companies. This resulted in a very good cooperation from which both the teams and the companies benefited enormously.

From July to October 2020, the teams worked full-time on their solutions in Frankfurt and had finally the opportunity to present their final solutions to all project partners on 8th of October 2020 in the Allianz Arena in Munich. Here you can watch the Final Pitch event again:

Get to know the teams!

Team 1 - AmetixGreen

First up is Team Rating. Their initial problem statement was, "How can we measure and rate the Allianz Arena in terms of sustainability?". We got Viktoria, Hoang, Sarthak and Lynn- four talents with diverse skills and backgrounds but one common goal - to solve this problem.

7800 tons of CO2 are released on one matchday in the Bundesliga. With 34 matchdays, this amounts to 265,000 tons per year. However, the sustainability of a soccer stadium is not only determined by CO2 emissions or the other categories of environmental dimensions. ’AmetiXGreen’ offers a dashboard that shows the operators of large facilities such as soccer stadiums where they currently stand in the sustainability dimensions of ecology, social, economic and corporate governance, where there is room for improvement and allows them to compare their performance with other stadiums and clubs.

The team's goal: By the 2024 European Championship, all participating stadiums are to be holistically assessed in terms of their sustainability status using the ‘AmetiXGreen’ tool and receive individually tailored recommendations for action. There is also a free version of the web application and several chargeable variants in this business model, depending on customer requirements. The dashboard can be customized, as not all sports facilities and clubs are the same. Thus ‘AmetiXGreen’ places sustainability in professional sports, because ‘only what gets measured gets done’.

Especially the presentation by Viktoria Unger and Lynn Knapp convinced the jury. But also the contents: "This tool could become the stadium TÜV for sustainability," said Arabesque founder Omar Selim. And not only that: "At the same time, you make the topic emotional. The stadiums must be adapted to the club's values in terms of sustainability," added Thomas Kyriakis of PreZero.

After the 3-month program, AmetixGreen decided to continue with their solution and enter the Mission Accelerator Program together with FC Bayern, Allianz Arena, Allianz, Arabesque and PreZero.

Team 2 - Voltastic

Their initial problem statement was, "How can we guarantee an efficient operation, lighting, and heating in the Allianz Arena?".

Therefore, we got Sofia, Marc and Pranav - three talents with different skills and expertise and three different cultural backgrounds - to find an innovative and sustainable solution.

The share of renewable energy in the power supply is constantly growing. From currently 35 percent, the share in Germany is expected to grow to 80 percent by 2050. This will give rise to a multitude of new technologies - and it is difficult to keep track. The ‘Voltastic’ platform is designed to help decision-makers - for example in large arenas - to find the right providers and solutions if they want to invest in sustainable power supply.Researchers can specify exactly what they need and choose between different technology stages: prototype, pilot phase or finished product. Depending on whether they use the free version of ‘Voltastic’ or pay for it, they will receive different numbers of search results. Searching through the tool is intended to save time, guarantee verified information and thus provide added value compared to search engines like Google. For technology providers, the platform will initially be free.

The jury, consisting of representatives of The Mission partners praised the presentation and the product, but also gave a few suggestions. Especially in times of Covid-19, when classic trade fairs have to be cancelled, ‘Voltastic’ is a good solution to bring together decision makers and technologies, said Daniel Milleg of Bain & Company. However, there is still room for improvement, especially regarding the payment model. Andreas Jung, Chief Marketing Officer of FC Bayern Munich, praised the idea of a marketplace for sustainable technologies, but warned that the most important thing was to get many participants onto the platform quickly.

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Team - 3 Grubguard

Let's meet the third team that consists out of Carolin, Carolina, Ade, and Yannick - who together build Team Logistics. During the project, they have been tackling this initial problem statement: "How can we redesign existing supply chains to improve e.g. waste disposal in the Allianz Arena?".

The numbers are enormous: worldwide, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year. This corresponds to one third of the food produced. In Germany, 1.9 million tons are thrown away in the hospitality sector, i.e. restaurants and catering. Especially in a soccer stadium or other large arenas a lot is produced - and much of it for nothing, literally for the ton. This is why the Logistics team has developed ‘GrubGuard’. Their motto? GrubGuard – saving food the smart way!

‘GrubGuard’ is a platform that is designed to plan what is prepared in the kitchen on what day and in what quantities, and to measure how much of which product had to be thrown away. This requires a smart waste garbage connected to a tablet PC, which the employee uses to enter which dish has just returned from the VIP lounge's buffet.‘GrubGuard’ is to be used by caterers as well as by the operators of an arena. Therefore, there should also be different payment models.

The jury praised the commitment to such an important topic, the problem was clearly outlined. The idea still needs to be specified a bit more, said Daniel Milleg, for example, concerning its feasibility in everyday life and the actual clients.

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Team 4 - Commensally

Team Mobility! Our four talents Julia, Niklas, Marco and Abhay - four outstanding individuals - were tackling the following problem statement during The Mission III: "How can we employ new mobility services to improve the process of arrival, parking and departure of the fans in the Allianz Arena?".

A strong number initiated the Mobility team's pitch: Two-thirds of the emissions on a matchday in the German Soccer League are caused by travel to and from the match. ‘Commensally’ aims to change this. The white-label product is to be integrated into club apps, such as those of FC Bayern Munich, and offer fans a way to plan their journey when they buy their tickets. All mobility providers - from trains to buses - are invited to present their products on their site. ‘Commensally’ will then organize carpools among fans with them. In this way, the arriving fans can be distributed to different timeslots so that the influx of visitors is somewhat equalized. "With 'Commensally', FC Bayern can revolutionize the way people travel to sporting events," said Niklas Bärk from the team.

Thomas Ehemann from FC Bayern Munich was full of praise for the idea. But he also made an important point about the payment model: it is important not to charge fans for the ‘Commensally’ service. After all, the fan would have to pay for his ticket and travel expenses. Andreas Jung pointed out that the majority of FC Bayern tickets are not available on the open market, so they cannot be booked via the app.

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Team 5 - Fanbloc

Our three talents, Chloe, Tanmay and Christoph were tackling this following problem statement during the program: "How can we use data and technology to improve the customer journey of the fans in a sustainable way?".

Diversity is on everyone's lips. The Digital team asked itself the following question: How can we better network within a fan community and bring fans with different personal backgrounds together? The answer: Through interaction. That's why the team has developed ’Fanbloc’. which is an app where each user first creates his or her personal avatar. Afterwards and with the help of an interactive map, users can see where other fans are and where they can meet up with them to, for example, watch soccer in a bar. Moreover, by answering a catalog of questions beforehand, users can pre-filter whether they have basically the same interests. Finally the team presented another app feature of a reward system for jointly passed challenges which should provide an additional incentive to use the app.

Jury member Katharina Völker from Allianz loved the idea of ‘Fanbloc’ and emphasized that it is important that the app is free of charge for the user, as the payment model has not yet been finalized. ‘Inclusion means including everyone. A financial hurdle would leave some people out again’. Raphael Schleiter from HypoVereinsbank praised the work of the young team and added: ‘You need many users. This is the only point where I think it could be difficult. But I'm sure you'll do everything you can. And I am happy to be part of it.’

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The Handelsblatt Research Institute accompanies every Mission with a Trend Radar. The Trend Radar of "Sports - Be Sustainable!" analyses questions like: What does a sustainable stadium look like today? Where are the potentials of modern stadiums and what are the obstacles to overcome?What role will sustainability have in assessing stadiums in the future?

In this edition, you will also learn about the innovative solutions our "Sports - Be Sustainable!" teams and corporate partners developed in the three-month project.

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In The Mission, you have motivated and driven young talents on the one side and big established companies on the other side. Bringing them together creates an incredible microcosmos where you can really change things.  

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