The Mission VI: Energy - Be Empowered!

When global warming and environmental responsiveness gain more and more attention, greater sustainable energy implementation is needed. But how can sustainable energy finally push through?


3 - Month Full-time Innovation Program


June 07th - August 31st

Application Deadline

Apply by April 30th

In earlier times, wood, timber and waste products were the only major energy sources. However, when technology became more advanced, fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas were discovered and boomed as they were widely available and could be harnessed easily. But these fossil fuels are used extensively by all countries across the globe and lead to the degradation of the environment, as coal and oil are two of the major sources that produce a large amount of carbon dioxide in the air, both leading to an increase of global warming.

The Paris Agreement calls all countries to take climate actions to reduce emissions. The goal is not to exceed the 1.5° Celsius global warming increase. The use of energy by various sectors (transport, buildings, industry, etc.) accounts for 73% of global Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Therefore, cross-sector solutions and technologies need to be explored and implemented near-term to create immediate and lasting impact.

This is exactly why we have launched the „Energy - Be Empowered!“ program. We want to bring relevant partners from business and science together with young talents to develop innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable energy sector. Our aim is to discover, design and build innovative and sustainable solutions for the production, usage and management of energy!

To tackle the topic, we have defined four areas for new solutions:

In our 3-month program, we want to find innovative and sustainable solutions for each of these four sectors that are customer-centric and ready for implementation. To find out more about how exactly the program works and about the application & admissions, keep reading!

The Mission

The Mission is a large-scale initiative with the aim to bring sustainability into business. Together with Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, PreZero and Handelsblatt, we have launched this program series for a more sustainable future with a long-lasting positive impact on the economy, society and the planet. To this purpose, we have jointly defined 12 fields across industries that will – one at a time – be covered by a three-month innovation program.

For each program of The Mission, we connect young talents and companies to work hand in hand on pioneering solutions. Together with the four initiators and the selected partners, we define the program scope by pinpointing the most pressing issues in terms of sustainability. By breaking down industries into value-chains, customer journey and touchpoints, we determine different innovation fields that will, later on, be represented by one team.

Per Mission, five young and dynamic teams will have the opportunity to develop their own solutions for the respective topic. Each team should consist of four team members with different academic and professional backgrounds to bring together diverse experiences and expertise. During the program, they will learn through methodological workshops (i.e., Design Thinking, Agile Project Management, etc.) and actively work within the fields of market research, customer journey, business models and prototyping to put their vision into practice.

Being part of The Mission allows young talents to develop their skill set and connect with people who will further their careers. Over the years, we have established a broad network of excellent corporate partners – from hidden champions to DAX companies – and worked together with talents from all over the world. By being connected, they can jointly develop their ideas and initiate the change that they would like to see in the world.


For each Mission, we choose the best talents on our Futury Ideation Platform. To get on the platform, candidates must apply via the Futury website. If all project qualifications and formal requirements are met, one will be admitted. On the platform, all eligible applicants get a chance to submit their ideas for the program and form teams with co-founders who complement their skills and abilities. After the best teams pitched in front of us, we choose the five best ideas and teams to join our three-month innovation program in Frankfurt. Guided by Futury Coaches, Experts and Corporate Partners, they will take the ideas developed on the ideation platform to another level. The on-site innovation program is divided into several phases:

  • Onboarding Week
  • First Milestone Event: The Kick-Off Pitch
  • Onboarding, Market Research & Customer Journey
  • Insights, Knowledge & Concepts
  • Second Milestone Event: The Interim Pitch
  • Business Case, Prototyping & Testing
  • Third Milestone Event: The Final Pitch


The Mission doesn’t really end after three months. Each team decides on their own whether and in what form to continue pursuing their ideas. For those teams who are willing to stay in touch with corporate partners beyond the three-month program, Futury, together with Founders Intelligence, offers an eight-week follow-on The Mission Accelerator Program to jointly set up a proof of concept and develop a go-to-market strategy. Teams are free to choose any other accelerator program or continue developing their idea on their own. Moreover, upon program completion, all participants enter the Futury Alumni Network to stay in touch beyond The Mission.

If you can identify yourself with our Mission and the topic "Energy - Be Empowered!", we invite you to #jointhemissionnow! To participate in our upcoming program #EnergyBeEmpowered, these will be your application steps:


Apply with your CV using the application form. Our recruiters will screen your application to see if you fulfill our formal requirements and program-specific qualifications (see the “Your Profile” section). At this point, you don’t have to have a team or an idea.

If you fulfill all our screening requirements, you will be asked to complete the talent assessment test of FirstMind to discover powerful insights into your personality. The test results will not affect your program participation. Afterwards you will be granted access to the Futury Ideation Platform!


The platform serves as a digital space to connect and create. Here, you will find like-minded people for your team and brainstorm on ideas for The Mission.  

Your main tasks on the platform will be:

  • To dive deeper into the topic to get a better overview of the status quo of the industry
  • To submit a program idea or join someone else’s idea
  • To find your future team of co-founders and brainstorm on ideas together

Your future coaches will regularly check in on you and your team to ensure your ideation process is going in the right direction. Why? Because should your idea make it to the program; your job will be to make it into reality!

Applicants will be admitted to the platform on a rolling basis – the sooner you apply, the more time you get to spend on the platform. Leverage this opportunity!


The final selection will be made based on a Digital Pitch. In the pitch, your team will present the idea you developed on the Futury Ideation Patform to Team Futury. We will choose the most innovative and sustainable ideas for our program. Our selection criteria include Innovativeness, Impact, Feasibility and more.

Soon after the Digital Pitch we will announce the five Mission Teams that have the chance to participate in the program.


Recruiting & Ideation

Apply for the program from first March by End of April. Our recruiters will screen all applications on a rolling basis so that all suiting candidates get access to our Futury Ideation Platform as soon as possible. Please keep in mind, that the sooner you apply, the more time you will have to look for a dream-team, brainstorm on ideas and prepare for the pitch.  

Review of ideas on Futury Ideation Platform

Soon after the application deadline, we will review all submitted ideas and ask the most promising teams to participate in a Digital Pitch. The best five teams will get the chance to turn their ideas into reality in our 3-Month Program in Frankfurt! 



We start the 3-Month Innovation Program on June 7th with a warm welcome from our Futury Coaches. They'll guide you through the Program setup, gear you up with tools and methodologies and help you prepare for the first Milestone Event of the Program - The Kick-Off Pitch, where the teams present the concrete problems and solutions they will be developing throughout the Program. The Pitches are followed by a feedback session with our Corporate Partners to make sure the teams are on the right track.

Innovation Program

The program is split into several phases with weekly sprints, covering all relevant topics and activities that make up the innovation and startup foundation journey. With continuous support from Coaches and Partners, you will develop the ideas presented in the Kick-Off Pitch into market-ready prototypes!


The Final Pitch & Beyond

The program ends with a Final Pitch in front of all Corporate Partners. This is the end of the innovation program but could be the beginning of your next chapter!

We are looking for all Makers, Creators and Innovators!

You can apply to our program either as an individual or as a complete team. If you apply as an individual, like most others, you will find your dream team on the Futury Ideation Platform.

For both individual and team applications, these are our program-specific qualifications:

  • You are a motivated individual who wants to challenge the status quo with your ideas
  • You have your finger on the pulse of innovation and follow the latest digital trends 
  • You possess an entrepreneurial mindset and could think of creating your own start-up
  • You are an absolute team player and take responsibility for your actions
  • You care for the environment and want to impact the world with your ideas and skills

As each team will consist of four multidisciplinary talents, every background is welcome! In your team, you would usually find yourself in one of the following roles:

  • The Techie: Responsible for the front- and back-end, prototyping and testing
  • The Business All-rounder: Responsible for the business model, clients, communication and finance
  • The Product Genius: Responsible for product design and development (e,g, UX, tools & features)
  • The Topic Matter Expert: In this case, people with a strong professional/academic background in the fields of Energy, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Sustainable Resource Management, etc.

Please be aware of our formal requirements: 

  • You are in your last Bachelor Semester or higher 
  • You speak fluent English 
  • You are available full-time for the program (and ideally beyond)
  • You are ready to relocate to Frankfurt for the period of the program
  • You possess a valid EU working permit (For international applicants: Either an EU/EEA Passport or a German Residency Card valid throughout the whole duration of the program. Please be aware that Futury does not sponsor visas)


Our talents and community's health remains our top priority as we work through the unknown of the coming months. We have developed a Hygiene Concept including such measures as FFP2 respiratory masks and on-premise rapid testing and react quickly to the new regulations from Hesse's state to enable collaborative work in a safe environment. 


A chance to make a real impact with your sustainable, innovative ideas

Office Space

A modern office in TechQuartier in the heart of Frankfurt

How do teams come together?

Once on the platform, you will have the task of either submitting your own idea or requesting to join an existing idea in the platform. The team is considered complete once it has 4 applicants on it. We strongly recommend the teams to pay attention to the diversity factor in the team. Without diversity, there will be no innovation!

What could a program idea be like?

A program idea could be an innovative concept, a digital or physical product or a service that addresses the programs’ problem statement and has a positive social, economic and environmental impact.

Do I have to be in Frankfurt for the 3-Month Innovation Program?

Absolutely yes. The program takes place in Frankfurt, all participants must relocate for the duration of the project.

What does a typical working day in The Mission look like?

In The Mission, there is no such thing as a typical working day. You are your own boss and decide what exactly you will be working on each given day. Futury will guide you with weekly focus topics (User Research Week, Business Model Week, etc.) so you don’t get too overwhelmed with the workload. But trust us, no day will be like the one before!

What happens to my idea after the program?

Your idea belongs to you and your team. You decide together whether you want to continue developing it and how. Towards the end of the program, you will consult with your coaches and the partners on the perspectives of your idea and the options for continuation. Should at least one of the corporate partners of the program be interested in continuing working with your team in an environment similar to The Mission after the Final Pitch, our partners from Founders Intelligence will set up and facilitate an 8-week The Mission Accelerator Program to continue working on your idea. Please note that the setup of the Accelerator is not possible without support from a corporate partner. You are absolutely free to apply for any other accelerator/incubator.

Questions? Contact me!

If you have any questions regarding the projects or the application process, just send me an e-Mail or give me a call:
+49 160 5759901

How the application process works


Fill out the Application Form

We only need some personal information and your CV. Our recruiters will screen your application as soon as possible and invite you to the next step!


FirstMind Talent Discovery

Complete the talent assessment to discover powerful insights into your personality. The test results will not affect your program participation.


Futury Ideation Platform

Dive deeper into the topic of the program, find your dream team of co-founders and brainstorm innovative ideas together.


Idea Review & Digital Pitch

Together with your team, prepare your idea for the review. Futury Coaches will pick the most promising ideas and invite those teams to a Digital Pitch.


Join the Program!

The best five teams will be invited to join our 3-Month Program in Frankfurt!

Niklas Schaefer, Budge, The Mission II

"Besides an energizing team spirit, you become part of a potential new start-up in a setting incomparable to anything else. Or can you think about a place where you get all the freedom you need to be creative and being paid for creating your own company?"

Walter Sinn, Managing Partner Bain & Company Germany

"It's the combination of young enthusiastic talents on the one side and motivated corporate partners on the other side that enables The Mission to catalyze innovation in a unique way."

Lynn Knapp, AmetiXGreen, The Mission III

"The program provides you not only with a safe environment to develop your ideas or with experienced partners to work with. It also comes with many open-minded and energetic people and heaps of drive and positive energy. There are tons of awesome workshops, in which everyone improves their working styles, and learning is guaranteed on a constant level. The biggest take-away is to work independently, to grow together with your team, and to develop your own idea."

Anurag Gupta, goldfinch, The Mission V

“It’s a very young, dynamic environment to work in. Moreover, we feel connected to all the other teams and do not have the need or feeling of competing against each other. Instead, we find this environment perfect for supporting each other’s ideas, struggles - being a big team.”

Dominik Müller, Green Light, The Mission V

“We really like that The Mission is a safe environment to test out our ideas. In addition, Futury provides us with an excellent network of corporate partners that share their knowledge with us and are willing to help us to remove the roadblocks on our way.”

Lena Rehder, Connectra, The Mission V

"It’s just great to work with so many inspired and motivated people. The corporate partners and Futury members act as experienced sparring partners, who supply us with great support and accompany us on our way towards a solution. They provide us with valuable feedback and help us taking on new perspectives."

Lukas Peschmann, pacelo, The Mission V

“A huge diversity of personalities is one of the most valuable aspects being part of the Mission V. This environment is motivating and inspiring to make the most out of the time, which passes by very fast.”

Become part of the program!

This program is no ordinary internship, nor is it a one-time project. It can be the start of your first start-up, the start of your next job; it's entirely what you create out of it. Have fun and enjoy the journey, The Mission is an extraordinary experience for every participant!

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