The Mission VI:
Energy - Be Empowered!

The program is already finished.


Round six! This time, we're diving deep into the topic of green energy together with our main project partners Uniper and Techem.

Five teams consisting of 19 international students and young professionals were developing sustainable energy concepts. How might we produce energy in the future? How might we design and operate energy networks? How might we develop and deploy energy services? And how might we change the energy consumption? #EnergyBeEmpowered

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What was the program about?

In earlier times, wood, timber and waste products were the only major energy sources. However, when technology became more advanced, fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas were discovered and boomed as they were widely available and could be harnessed easily. But these fossil fuels are used extensively by all countries across the globe and lead to the degradation of the environment, as coal and oil are two of the major sources that produce a large amount of carbon dioxide in the air, both leading to an increase of global warming.

The Paris Agreement calls all countries to take climate actions to reduce emissions. The goal is not to exceed the 1.5° Celsius global warming increase. The use of energy by various sectors (transport, buildings, industry, etc.) accounts for 73% of global Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Therefore, cross-sector solutions and technologies need to be explored and implemented near-term to create immediate and lasting impact.

This is exactly why we have launched the „Energy - Be Empowered!“ program. We wanted to bring relevant partners from business and science together with young talents to develop innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable energy sector. Our aim was to discover, design and build innovative and sustainable solutions for the production, usage and management of energy.

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The trend radar ENERGY - BE EMPOWERED! deals with the topic of "Sustainable energy production and consumption":

What are the challenges of the energy transition?
Which technologies shape the future?
How can the climate targets be met?

Trend Radar

Get to know the teams!

Team 1 - Aquack

The team relies on the use of duckweed to filter heavy metals from industrial wastewater. In this way, they simultaneously generate biomass that can be used as a renewable energy source.

Team 2 - Batterize

Batterize provides fleet operators with a platform in which the status, performance and charging cycle of the batteries of each individual vehicle can be accessed through comprehensive data transfer.

Team - 3 Endeema

A web platform provides data dashboards to enable SMEs in particular to better plan energy demand and costs and align them with sustainability and decarbonization.

Team 4 - Raenergy

Based on crowdfunding, Raenergy provides a web platform where private individuals can present their CO2 reduction projects and raise funds.

Team 5 - Mein Digitaler Energieberater

Mein Digitaler Energieberater enables building owners to renovate their homes easier, faster& more sustainable.

Program Timeline

April 2021
May 2021
Announcement of Participants
June 2021
June - August 2021
Program Phase
August 31st, 2021
Final Pitch with all Corporate Partners
Dominik Müller, Green Light, The Mission V

“We really like that The Mission is a safe environment to test out our ideas. In addition, Futury provides us with an excellent network of corporate partners that share their knowledge with us and are willing to help us to remove the roadblocks on our way.”

Walter Sinn, Managing Partner Bain & Company Germany

"It's the combination of young enthusiastic talents on the one side and motivated corporate partners on the other side that enables The Mission to catalyze innovation in a unique way."

Lena Rehder, Connectra, The Mission V

"It’s just great to work with so many inspired and motivated people. The corporate partners and Futury members act as experienced sparring partners, who supply us with great support and accompany us on our way towards a solution. They provide us with valuable feedback and help us taking on new perspectives."

Anurag Gupta, goldfinch, The Mission V

“It’s a very young, dynamic environment to work in. Moreover, we feel connected to all the other teams and do not have the need or feeling of competing against each other. Instead, we find this environment perfect for supporting each other’s ideas, struggles - being a big team.”

Lukas Peschmann, pacelo, The Mission V

“A huge diversity of personalities is one of the most valuable aspects being part of the Mission V. This environment is motivating and inspiring to make the most out of the time, which passes by very fast.”

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