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I don’t remember seeing the Futury Ideation Platform before, is that something new?

Yes! Futury keeps growing and developing, so do our recruiting processes. We have been working hard to find a way to connect our talents on a very early stage to collaborate and brainstorm together, hence the Ideation Platform!

What is Yambla?

Yambla is an idea management platform that hosts our Ideation Platform.

I am not a student anymore; can I still participate in the project?

Yes! University enrollment is not mandatory for participation in the program.

How do teams come together?

Once on the platform, you will have the task of either submitting your own idea or requesting to join an existing idea in the platform. The team is considered complete once it has 4 applicants on it. We strongly recommend the teams to pay attention to the diversity factor in the team. Without diversity, there will be no innovation!

What if my team and idea do not make it through the First Digital Pitch?

If your team does not make it through the First Digital Pitch, we, unfortunately, won’t be able to consider you for the program unless you find another team that made it through the step and is looking for another team mate.  As we have a bunch of Missions still ahead of us, you will be more than welcome to apply again in the future.

When do I find out whether I made it to the grogram or no?

Approx. 3 weeks after the application deadline

Do I have to be in Frankfurt during the application process?

No, the whole application process is organized remotely.

Can I participate in the program as a working student?

No, the program is full-time, meaning you have to devote the whole three months solely to your team and your idea. The more effort you put into the project, the greater the outcome will be.

Can I participate from abroad?

Only if you:
a)     Hold a valid EU working permit
b)     Can travel to Frankfurt for the project.
Please note that Futury does not sponsor visas and as well as travel costs to Frankfurt.

Can I participate in the program and attend my remote university classes at the same time?

No. Participation in the program means you are 100% committed to your idea and your team and don't have any other commitments (university, other jobs). An exception can be made for those students who will not have to attend classes during the project but only have to write a final thesis instead. In that case, we expect you to put your main efforts into the project and write your thesis in the evenings/on the weekends.

Can I write a thesis about the project?

Yes, but please be aware: Any information shared by our corporate partners can be used only for the purpose of the program, hence you cannot use that information for other purposes without the partners’ consent. Please check in with your Project Manager for more information.

Can I participate in the program as part of my mandatory internship?

Yes, but please check in with your university first. Your recruiting team will gladly support you with any additional information or documents needed.

Do I have to have an idea to apply to the program?

You don’t have to have an idea when applying for the program. Once on the platform, you will have to either submit your own idea or request to join an idea of another applicant.

Does Futury support me with accommodation?

If you are moving to Frankfurt for the program, we highly recommend using homefully – our trusted partner for accommodation services. They will help you find a beautiful shared flat in the city for the period of the project. You are free to look for accommodation yourself as well.

During the project

How close do I work with the corporate partners?

Very close! We involve the partners already in the Onboarding Week and organize at least one mandatory weekly debrief with them. Each team gets at least one contact person in the partner companies for all their questions and requests.

Do I have to be I the office every day during the program?

You will be working from the office most of the days, but surely not every single day. Every meeting within the program is hybrid, meaning you can join physically as well as remotely. Futury provides you will all the tools you need for effective remote work (MS 365 including MS Teams, Miro, etc.)

What does a typical working day in The Mission look like?

In The Mission, there is no such thing as a typical working day. You are your own boss and decide what exactly you will be working on each given day. Futury will guide you with weekly focus topics (User Research Week, Business Model Week, etc.) so you don’t get too overwhelmed with the workload. But trust us, no day will be like the one before!

What's next?

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