TM4 - Weeks 7+8

January 8, 2021

COURAGE - The real moment of starting your own company...

Happy New Year from team PlanCo!
It is a different year, but the same mission: We want to define the future of work! And in this first week of the year, it’s all about courage, the courage of starting your own company from scratch. I am Meikel and as part of the PlanCo team, I am going to tell you what the adventure of the Futury Mission means to us, especially in this phase of the journey.  

It is Monday, January 4th. Everyone is getting back to the office after charging their batteries during the 2-week Christmas break. While we used the time to relax, we also had the chance to reflect on our experiences and our personal plans regarding the mission, but also for what might come afterwards. With only four more weeks to go, for us, this was the time to understand if we can imagine continuing as a team and try to make our PlanCo idea a reality.  
During this first day of the week, filled with long conversations, we came to the conclusion that we are all in for more than a 3-month project, that we would like to challenge the possibility of starting our own business.
With a great dynamic, pumped by the common goal for the new year, we went on to define a clear roadmap for what we will work on in the upcoming weeks until the final pitch and beyond.  

In the following days, Tuesday and Wednesday, it was all about design sprints and discussing some open topics on our roadmap, namely the prototype and business model. After intensive but also very creative and insightful sessions, we came up with great ideas for our first own app as well as on how to make money with it. Our weekly call with the people from Bain & Company triggered some additional aspects. The exchange with other teams regarding their challenges helped us define our idea and strategy further.

The workshops on Thursday, theming venture building and start-up law, brought us new insights once again this week. Founders Intelligence and Schaeffler gave us a great talk on the possibilities of starting your business with an accelerator program. From Osborne & Clarke, we learned about the legal challenges for a start-up and what to look out for. To conclude the day, we had a 1-on-1 conversation with a "New Work" expert on our PlanCo business idea.  

After a very long day of workshops and exchange, I can tell you that we were quite exhausted but at the same time even more curious about what the next weeks might hold for us.  

Friday, end of the week, we wrapped up what we worked on as a team and closed the day while having an online beer with Futury Alumni founders. They turned their ideas into reality and already mastered what we are still working on.  

With this, I say thank you and hope you will continue following us on our journey!



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