TM4 - Week 4

November 27, 2020


After getting into the groove with Benita last week, it is my pleasure to take you onto the next part of our journey during the Mission. I am Chris from Team Carbonator and this week is all about Work-Be-Next-Life-Balance.

All of us are trying to build startups around the topic of work, building on work trends and new ideas. Of course, this shows in the way we work as well. Our office is located in TechQuartier in Frankfurt, a startup hub with all the typical stuff you would expect there: kicker and table tennis, hammocks and of course the obligatory fridge with “healthy” soft drinks.

Luckily, the spacious office enables us to go to work during these times – if we want to. TechQuartier makes sure we have a safe environment to work in and everyone in the co-working space strictly follows the COVID-19 protection guidelines. Most teams actually stick to a hybrid model. The rather interactive environment of the office allows quick exchanges between the teams, while the overall digital setting enables everybody to stay at home if they feel more comfortable there. Thus, our days are filled with video conferences in the phone booths or conference rooms we share with other startups here at TechQuartier.

To give you a better insight, let me tell you a little bit about our team. A typical day for us includes two fixed daily meetings: the Daily Stand Up and the Physical Fun Call. Most of the time, at least half of our team is doing home office, so the Stand Up is our first interaction of the day. We share our individual and team tasks for the day, see where we can help each other and get a feeling of where everybody is at right now. The second daily call focuses more on the life part of the Work-Be-Next-Life-Balance. The physical fun call is a short meeting in the afternoon with one goal: lighten the team’s mood. Five minutes of physical activity is enough to energize for the tasks in the afternoon – especially if everybody has to laugh a lot because the energizers are more on the silly side than on the sporty.  

Around these two meetings, we arrange the rest: individual working time, interesting meetings with our corporate partners, update calls with Futury and Bain and of course the most important things: coffee breaks at the boats bar… because of course, the kitchen island in a startup hub can’t just be a kitchen island.

A special feature of this week was the Social Styles™ Workshop by our Program Director Vanessa Kämpf. After learning a little bit about the different Social Styles™, we turned theory into practice. During an interactive session, we found out which Social Style™ represents ourselves the best. But of course, we did not stop there. The Mission is all about collaboration, especially between us teams. That’s why we split into groups of each social style and developed “How To Handle” guides for the members of other social styles. Now the different personalities know how to communicate with each social style to achieve the best results. It was fascinating to see the dynamics inside the various Social Style™ groups and how different they approached their task. Another important lesson was to realize how important the combination of different personality traits are for a functioning and successful team. Now it is time for us to adapt this knowledge into our everyday-working-life.

Stay tuned to learn how the teams experience life at the Mission, are overcoming their doubts in week five and share a lot of other fun stuff that happened!  

Cheers and talk soon!



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