TM4 - Week 3

November 24, 2020

Roll up the Sleeves - Getting into The Mission Groove!

The last time we spoke, Julia told you about the second week of the mission. I am Benita, part of the Team FlexOffice and today, it is my pleasure to share how the teams dived into actual work and their ideas. So, roll up the sleeves and get into the Mission groove! 

After a full week of workshops, the Teams returned to TechQuartier and tried to find their own routines. True to the motto “Project Scope and Hypotheses,” week three is actually the very first working week. The teams define the first hypotheses to then confirm or refute them with respective research.  

Monday started with a short morning check-in by Futury to introduce us to our new routine. Right after that, we prepared a little surprise for Julia (our Junior PM) and got her “The Mission IV” birthday flower bouquet (Happy Birthday!). Then we updated the corporate partners on what we had been working on the week before during the weekly status call. 

In order to advance our ideas, emails to corporates had to be written, meetings had to be planned and agendas had to be discussed. We rather quickly realized that it is not enough to schedule meetings with a rough idea of what to ask, but that there was a lot of preparation and teamwork required to get good results. The basis for good teamwork is clear communication, a good division of roles, proper routines and adequate expectation management. These were things we had to figure out when we started working together.  

On Tuesday, all teams had their first deep dive session with Bain. Christina and Clemens from Bain gave us feedback on our first hypotheses, ideas and teamwork after everyone had filled out a survey about how they feel in the team. 

The sustainability workshop with Tobias from Werte-Stiftung followed on Wednesday, introducing us to different frameworks and sustainable thinking. For me, the most valuable takeaway was that every member of every team cares about sustainability in a different way, having experienced different moments of truth. We compared our footprints and realized that most of us are doing an incredible job! (Want to check it out?) However, we also realized that not everything is green, and there are a lot of factors to consider before concluding whether something is actually sustainable.  

In the afternoon, all of the teams’ organizers met to share best practices and to align on what they are working on. The Mission is no competition, and collaboration is key because teamwork makes the dream work! ;)  

Thursday and Friday, we worked on developing interview guidelines, conducting first interviews and doing more and more and more research. Whenever a new question arises, my team collects it on a Miro-Board to follow-up with it. Some teams work partially from the office and from home, while others work mostly from the office. You can usually see what they prefer depending on the number of sticky notes in their office.  

We closed off the week with my teammate Johann’s birthday and a small & distant pizza gathering after work 🎂

Stay tuned to learn how the teams tackled their first challenges, overcame their doubts in week four and share a lot of other fun stuff that happened! 

Cheers and talk soon! 



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