TM4 - Week 2

November 13, 2020

Get ready to get Kicked-off… Sorry, I meant get ready for the Kick-off ;).

Last Monday was the time to shine for our teams, as our big remote event was on the agenda. The Kick-Off was integrated into the first-ever "The  Mission Summit" - an event where we brought our Mission Network (Initiators, Partner, Experts and Alumni) together to celebrate our collective success and discuss the future fo sustainable innovation.

Jessica Springfeld (Handelsblatt), Vivian Loftin (Recyda, TM 1), Tim Alexander (Deutsche Bank, TM 2), Niklas Schäfer (Budge, TM 2), Thomas Kyriakis (PreZero, TM 1), Jürgen Muth (Allianz Arena, TM 3), Lynn Knapp (AmetixGreen, TM 3).

The teams had the chance to get some inspiration from their fellow alumni and get even more empowered. Once the virtual stage was given to Vanessa (Program Director, The Mission), it was time for our current talents to perform and pitch their idea! 

The first pitch came from team Jukebox. Their idea is to bring the advantages of remote white-collar workers to blue-collar workers who can't work from home. They are building a physical space where workers can get different services, as well as to relax and connect in between shifts. 

This great pitch was followed by team FlexOffice. They are working on a solution to help employees work in such a flexible way that enhances both well-being and productivity. The solution they are working on is a physical workspace that can be placed in residential areas and bring all the advantages of typical office space and help separate work from home.

Up next was team Optimo. They truly shined with their vision - to develop a learning solution for blue-collar workers to upgrade their skills for the next digital revolution. 

Team offiSense's starting point is: "The future of work is hybrid, but employees feel disconnected while working from home. The benefits of the workplace are not accessible from the home office." To tackle that problem, they want to provide a platform for white-collar workers to easily and sustainably manage their home office days.

The virtual pitch stage was closed off by the team Carbonator. This team wants to support decision-makers to reduce their company's environmental footprint by introducing the "Carbonator" - a tool that would translate environmental impact into financial numbers. 

How exciting are our teams' ideas? We are extremely proud of the pitches they prepared and mastered in just a week! 

On Tuesday, we held our traditional Value Workshop. Not only the teams but also the corporate partners participated in it. Dr. Tobias Raffel (Werte-Stiftung) hosted the workshop and led an interactive remote session on the topic of values. The teams and the partners defined their most important values for a successful collaboration. Further, the corporate partners also talked about their company values and how they bring these to life in their daily work. In the second part of the workshop, the teams and corporate partners had the opportunity to discuss which values are most important to each of them and set a common ground with a "Code of Values" for the next three months. Here are the six key values for the project the teams have agreed upon: empathy, passion & courage, trust, sustainability, integrity, and diversity & inclusion.

The second part of the day was reserved for a deep dive with the teams, where the corporate partners got the opportunity to get to know the teams better. This session was also used to give the teams feedback about their pitches and input about how they could further unfold their idea. 

Wednesday and Thursday were Bain Days! In a series of interactive remote workshops, Bain & Company first introduced our teams to User Research best practices and then guided them through the world of Agile work. The teams learned about how agile works in practice, what scrum and design sprint means, and how to facilitate efficient teamwork. 

Last day of the week for saved for an exciting miro session about roles and responsibilities in teams held by our PM Jannis. Since our teams just met each other two weeks ago, the workshop helped them define roles for each team member to take advantage of everyone's skills and knowledge to the fullest. 

We closed off the eventful week with a reflection session with Vanessa and Jannis. A lot has happened, but so much more is yet to come! Our teams are now getting in the groove of the daily life of an entrepreneur. 

Stay tuned to learn what happens next!


Julia and the Futury Team 


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