TM4 - Week 10

January 25, 2021

User Testing & Fine-Tuning

Hello everyone, my name is Leon, part of the team OffiSense, and I am excited to welcome you to the final phase of “The Mission 4: Work - Be Next!” 

The Mondays in The Mission traditionally start with a quick status update call with all The Mission partners. Last week, we had a coaching session with Tobias from the Werte-Stiftung, discussing our product’s social and sustainable impact. We also had the chance to present our idea in front of Bain’s Social Impact Affinity Group last Friday during their Brown Bag lunch. 

Therefore, we started this week after the status call by analyzing the feedback we got during Friday’s pitch. Especially the additional feedback on the social elements of our solution is very helpful for us to strengthen our product’s focus further. 

In the final week of The Mission, the goal is to see our products in action. An important step towards a great prototype is the feedback gained through final user testing. The planning for our user testing was done by the end of Monday.

User testing consists of sharing a prototype or wireframe with a group of potential users. The goal is to identify the strengths and especially weaknesses of our product. By identifying them early, we can adapt our prototype early on in the development process and prevent costly changes later on. Doing user research gives us also a better understanding of the users’ preferences and opinions on specific features. 

Organizing our user testing was quite a challenge. We had to finish the prototype to our own satisfaction and incorporate all the feedback we got. The next step was finding future potential users who would be willing to do the user testing with us. In our case, we were extremely lucky to have the support of the corporate partners of The Mission. They helped us to quickly get in contact with fellow colleagues who would be willing to test our prototype – once again, thanks a lot! 

On Tuesday, we discussed our challenges, which came up during the last days, in our weekly Deep-Dive call with Bain. The great thing about these calls is the hands-on mentality Bain shows in dealing with our questions. They helped us in finding answers to some tough questions regarding our vision statement and gave us valuable tips for our upcoming pitches. In the late afternoon, we finished our prototype to show our test users what OffiSense can do for them. At night we gathered with members from the other teams online to play a round of Among Us. Meeting the other teams after work to chat and talk about something else than just work is always fun and a great way to end a stressful day!

Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to our user testing, which will go on till Friday night. Our extensive user testing will help us to get enough feedback to fine-tune our final prototype version. The final version will be presented during The Mission IV’s Final Pitch on the 2nd of February. So, if you haven’t planned anything yet, tune in!

Talking about presentations brings us directly to our second big task this week. Thursday’s preparation of the Schaeffler pitch! On Friday, we pitched at the Schaeffler-Meetup on “The Mission IV – Work - Be Next”.  We included some first impressions of the final prototype after working on some of the user testing feedback we received.

Opportunities like these are what make The Mission so valuable for us! Getting feedback from a diverse group of people is what helps to turn a good idea into a great product!

Next week, we will be busy pushing our limits to conclude all the experiences and learning we had during the last three months in our Final Pitch presentation.

So, stay tuned and come back to this blog to learn more about the progress the teams make in the last weeks of “The Mission IV – Work - Be Next!”

All the best and see you soon,



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