Weeks 8+9

April 15, 2020

Weeks 8 & 9: Value Reflections & Future Plans // 15.04.2020

For us at Futury, the personal development of our talents is just as important as the professional one. With the help of our broad community, we support the teams along the journey with valuable advice, workshops and training. Werte-Stiftung, for instance, has been our years-long partner and has provided our teams with coaching focused on the topics of values and value-based innovation.

Especially in challenging times like these, when our teams have to work remotely, it's absolutely crucial to remember about the "Code of Values" that they signed together with the corporates at the very beginning of the project. It was agreed that the most important values for the project would be trust, appreciation, empathy, courage and open-mindedness.

It definitely takes a lot of courage to continue pursuing the ideas under current circumstances, but our teams stay focused and keep the energy on a high level. In order to help them stay on the right track, we invited Dr. Tobias Raffel back to our this time virtual rooms to hold coaching sessions with all 5 teams.

We asked Tobias about his experience with the teams:

"The connection between values and team performance was very obvious. The teams that lived their values had developed best. They were very productive, had few conflicts and enjoyed working together. Unfortunately, there were also teams where individual team members had not adhered to the code of values. We developed measures to help these teams move forward."

When asked about his opinion on the current situation and its effect on the project, Tobias added:

"I think optimism, courage and perseverance will be important in the coming weeks. Working from home in times of Corona poses great challenges for all those involved - the teams, the Corporates, Futury. But as a team, they will succeed and I am sure we will see excellent final pitches."

In the following week, along the regular check-ins, check-outs and deep dives, Jannis initiated 1:1 meetings with all our talents to exchange about their plans after the Final Pitch. Why now? As our experience shows, many teams keep pursuing their ideas in the form of a startup after the program and we would like to support them in doing so.

Later this week, they will find out more about funding opportunities early-stage startups have in Germany and meet another Alumni of ours to learn about their journey after "The Mission."

Stay tuned!


Laura & Team Futury


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