Week 7

March 31, 2020

Week 7: Interim Pitch - Halfway Through // 31.03.2020

Last Wednesday marks a significant milestone in our 3-month program - INTERIM PITCH!

Our teams presented their results of the first six project weeks to our corporate partners and for the very first time ever, our teams had to pitch virtually through Zoom Video Webinars. As we already said in our last blog post, "New challenges require new solutions!" and we can proudly say that our Teams made the best out of the current situation and didn't stop them from doing a great job!

We asked our talent Nikhil Narang from "Team Mobility" how his experience with our digital Interim Pitch was, and here's what he said… "Last week's virtual Interim Pitch was truly an amazing experience. The enthusiasm and involvement demonstrated by everybody through their computers made it feel almost like a physical pitch. A big thank you goes to the entire FUTURY team for organizing such a great event in such short notice, given the current circumstances.

Our pitch feedback was really helpful and insightful and gave us the opportunity to reflect on how to refine our business model further. Overall, everyone seemed to appreciate our progress until now. We were especially happy about the positive feedback for our prototype.

Throughout the next weeks, we will begin with user-testing and based on it, we will continue to develop our prototype. As promised during our pitch, we will continue to introduce new updates and add some cool new features. We are looking forward to diving deeper into our business model and working on identifying a MVP in the upcoming weeks."

We would also like to thank Vanessa, our Program Director and Jannis, our Senior Project Manager at this Point, for planning and hosting our Interim Pitch and for pulling off an awesome work! Vanessa also shared her experience with us and this is what she had to say… "I am extremely surprised how well our Interim Pitch went – starting from the use of new technology to the connectivity and the amazing engagement of our teams and corporate partners. Although… it all ran so smoothly because we also prepped ourselves, divided clear roles and did several test runs"

The atmosphere in our virtual conference room was amazing! As our survey showed, digital events CAN be a great alternative! Our digital Interim Pitch allowed our talents and partners to have great discussions and exchange ideas. The teams have made great progress in the last 6 weeks and their ideas are now entering the user testing and prototyping phase.

Special thanks also to our corporate partners, Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, Handelsblatt, Zurich Insurance Group, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Kaufland, DWS Group and Medallia for taking their time and giving our Teams helpful feedback!

Thank you, everyone, for tuning in and to all our teams: A job well done! The show must go on!


Shannon & Team Futury


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