Week 4

March 11, 2020

Week 4: User Research & Testing Concept 11.03.2020

And the "Mission II: Banking - Be Green" chronicles continue!

This week, it's all about user research. Now that the project scopes are set, it's time to understand who exactly can benefit from using the currently proposed solutions that our teams are working on. To ensure the teams find the right approach to test their underlying hypothesis and better understand the needs and problems of potential customers, we invited industry experts to share their knowledge and experience on the topic.

Dorothee Jung and Dr. Christopher Daiberl from JOSEPHS - an innovation lab from Nürnberg - presented different methodologies on how to conduct and evaluate user research and develop customer journey maps. After a short theoretical input, we went straight to practice. Teams sketched out their ideas, target groups and personas and asked themselves - what do we want to know about our future customers? How do we get that information? And most importantly, what do we do with all that information!?  

Of course, it's not enough to know just who your user is. Teams also need to define how they will interact with their products. As we've learned in the onboarding week, user-centric design is key, so no further idea development is possible without a clear customer journey map. What potential problems can occur while using the product? What goals are our customers trying to reach?  

Each team has yet to find out the answers to all these questions about their unique potential users. Team Retirement, for instance, has to determine whether the young generation of users has already started planning their retirement. Team Budge, in turn, has yet to discover what kind of rewards may incentivize users to change their daily behavior. Different teams - different ideas - different approaches!  

The results of their research will help our innovators design the best possible solutions and we can't wait to see the outcomes!

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