Week 1

February 18, 2020

#BankingBeGreen is ON 🚀   18.02.2020

Our talents are finally here – welcome to Frankfurt!  

Like every project, “The Mission II: BANKING – Be Green!” also started with an eventful onboarding week – no time to waste!  

We began with a warm welcome speech and an intro session from our program director Vanessa and senior project manager Jannis. Soon after that, our teams got a chance to learn more about TechQuartier - their office for the next months and received a walking tour to get familiar with the vibrant co-working space.  

And then our workshop-marathon began! Teams got creative and embraced the power of teamwork in a team-building workshop led by our friend Nelson Javier Mejia - innovation enthusiast and founder of weSpark. With different exercises, Nelson showed our teams how to avoid communication problems, find team balance and pivot from difficult situations. We closed the first day with the Werte-Stiftung. Dr. Anna-Lisa Schwarz gave us a visit and led an interactive workshop/discussion on the topic of personal values and team values.  

On the second day of the onboarding week, we received a visit from “The Mission’s” initiators Deutsche Bank and Bain & Company, who had prepared a lot of theoretical input, practical information and surprises for our teams. Bain & Company's Manager Fabian v. Hardenberg held a keynote speech on the current trends in the banking industry, followed by an intro workshop on Deutsche Bank and its Digital Ecosystem by their experts Helen Schlott, Omar Jahovic and Robert Schmitz. An extra session about our project's main focus – sustainability, climate change and banking - was moderated by Thomas Mog. One of the day's highlights was the visit from DB's CMO Tim Alexander, who came to meet the teams and welcome them to “The Mission”!

BTW. Check out Tim Alexanders’s interview…

As Futury grows, so does also our alumni network. To enhance the team-alumni relationship and promote active exchange between them, we’ve invited one of our teams from the first Mission – recyda – for a “fireside chat” with teams. Team recyda has continued working on their idea further upon completion of The Mission and came to share their experience. We were pleased to find out that they have recently registered their own GmbH (LLC)! In the panel discussion “Building a Business and Moving Forward Your Innovation”, our alumni Vivian Loftin and Christian Knobloch were joined by Lorena Saenz De Alba from DWS Group, who is involved in Deutsche Bank’s intrapreneurship initiative D1 and develops her own startup idea “GreenR”. The third guest was Friedhelm A. Schmitt, - co-founder and CEO of Fincite, an established fintech company as well as a company builder Fincite Ventures. After a fruitful discussion, our teams had the opportunity to network with the guests and get valuable insights from them.

In the second half of the week, our teams have slowly moved into the official kick-off preparation phase. Before they roll up their sleeves and get into their daily routine, our colleagues from Bain gave them a series of workshops on how to structure working sessions, get unstuck during the innovating process, solve problems and work in agile.

Later on, our friend Jan Kleibrink from Handelsblatt Media Group uncovered all the secrets about mastering a social media strategy for our teams. Jan was joined by our talent manager Laura, who gave the teams some useful tips on how to improve their LinkedIn presence and get the most out of it.  

At the end of the long week, our native Frankfurter Vanessa invited everyone to the legendary Wagner Restaurant to celebrate the start of our Mission with some “Ebbelwoi”. What a week!

We asked our talent Hari Keshav from "Team Food" to describe his experience in the first week and here’s what he said...

"It is often said that ‘Time flies when you are having fun’. That is exactly how I feel after my first week at Futury. I met the representatives from Futury and had an opportunity to learn about their ‘The Mission II: Banking- Be Green!’ at the prestigious EBS Symposium 2019. Although there were many companies that day, Futury was the one that stood out to me in terms of working on a project that encouraged sustainability and hence providing a platform to be a part of something bigger rather than just a mundane internship.

This motivated me to be a part of The Mission and Futury. My expectations coming into The Mission was to learn from the diverse set of skills that my colleagues brought to the table and to work in cross-functional roles to challenge myself across the different work channels. After having completed my onboarding week, I feel pretty confident about meeting the expectations that I had envisioned. The way the Onboarding Week was structured was truly fantastic as it had a blend of team-building exercises and workshops from the corporate giants that were aimed at helping the teams to develop their ideas.

A personal highlight for me has to be the workshop from Bain & Company. For someone who has worked with productivity methodologies before, I found myself still learning the various complexities it presents itself with. The content was presented in an insightful and refreshing manner and the exercise that followed allowed us to implement the various productivity methodologies with a high degree of efficiency.

As I enter my second week at Futury, I cannot wait to pitch our idea in front of the corporates in „Frankfurt School of Finance & Management“ and receive feedback. So how did our pitch turn out? Stay tuned until next week."

So, as Hari already hinted, next week, the teams will meet all the corporate partners of the project and pitch their ideas to them! Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to keep in touch with the teams “on-the-go” or come back here in a week for a recap ;)  

Until then,  

Best regards  

Laura & Team Futury  


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