Transformation through Education

October 7, 2021

The call for a sustainable transformation has never been louder, gaining more and more attention during the last few decades. Despite the consensus on this urgent matter, practical solutions are still missing for our corporate world and the gap between the intention and implementation of sustainable actions blocks the way towards a more sustainable future. To drive change from within companies, it is important to create a deeper understanding of sustainability among the employees to increase knowledge, initiate action and jointly work towards the company’s sustainability targets.

Targeting the gap between intention and implementation, our education team Verena, Florent and Matthias build a gamified business simulation to increase the employees’ knowledge about sustainability and translate this knowledge into tangible actions. Moreover, they want to create awareness for the respective company’s sustainability targets and increase the employees’ motivation and engagement to incorporate sustainability into their decision making. With resolvert, Verena, Florent and Matthias empower employees to shape their company’s sustainability and to – on the longrun – contribute to the sustainable transformation of the business world.

An innovative and playful education curriculum provides employees of all levels with the fundamental terminologies, frameworks, and initiatives regarding sustainability and, moreover, trains them to embed these into their work. With our innovation program “Transformation – Be Sustainable!”, we will transform corporate sustainability and deliver market-ready tools to empower companies and their employees. Together with young talents and experienced corporate partners, we turn sustainability challenges into innovation opportunities to (finally) bring sustainability into business: #JoinTheMissionNow 


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