TM V: Week 2

March 1, 2021

The second week of our project “Mobility – Be Urban” has come to an end and we are, once again, amazed by how time is flying when one is having fun. The last days have been filled with workshops from our partners as well as individual working phases, in which our teams advanced their ideas.

Having an idea is surely the first step into developing a business but selling it to an audience is a key factor of success. Thus, we are happy to have experts from Founders Intelligence and Bain & Company on board who provided our teams with insights about how to present their ideas best. During their pitch training on Tuesday, our talents were able to learn about various techniques, ranging from presentation skills to building a deck, and to put their knowledge directly into practice in preparation for the following days.

On Thursday, our teams reached their first big milestone and presented their ideas: the official kick-off pitch in front of our corporate partners. For the first time, they shared the solutions that they will work on for the upcoming three months and presented their ideas to a broader audience. Prior to the pitches, Tobias Raffel from Werte-Stiftung and Holger Hoff from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change introduced sustainability from a business and science perspective to emphasize the urgency but also ways of sustainable solutions forthe future. Further, we could welcome Giuseppe Fiordispina from SEAT, Dr. Eric Zayer from Bain & Company and Jan-Eric Putze from Droniq for a top-class panel discussion on “Changes in mobility from different perspectives”. Afterwards, it was time to shine for our talents, and we are very proud of what our teams have reached so far.

Team Intermodal Vehicle – Drone Delivery plans to bring last-mile-transports into the air by building up a platform that matches drone delivery companies and their counterparts on the demand side, such as hospitals. With goldfinch, the team aims to reduce CO2 emissions, support the development of the drone market, and create a positive impact on people’s lives.

Team Multimodal Mobility aims to integrate the different means of transport efficiently into the daily journey lines. Addressing the pain points of scheduling and booking journeys across different platforms, the app neways will combine planning and navigation tools to create a personalized travel plan that is stress-free for the user and sustainable for the environment.

Team Charging Community Grid targets the insufficient number and availability of charging stations that are a prerequisite for moving from fossil fuels towards e-mobility. With the service Connectra, the team will bring together private households with either a supply surplus or shortage to share their energy and to jointly charge their vehicles.

Team Intermodal Fleet Management dives into the complex world of corporate mobility that faces strategic and organizational challenges about the choice, usage, and maintenance of different vehicles. With the service Chris, the team aims todevelop a digital fleet management tool to simplify day to day operations, optimize expenditures and increase sustainability.

Team Nano Transport Vehicle, lastly, tackles the limited transport options for baggage on conventional e-scooters to complement the usage but also safety within this fast-growing market. As an add-on module with a space efficient design, pacelo can be attached to various vehicles to enable users to transport their baggage.

Following these amazing pitches, we were also happy to welcome back Vivian Loftin who, after our first project “Waste – Be Circular”, successfully founded the company Recyda. With her insights as an alumna from The Mission I, she inspired our talents to both work hard and enjoy the project at its fullest.

The direct feedback from some of our corporate partners was rich, and the dedicated feedback-session on Friday has also helped our teams to further develop their solutions. Further, the joint value session with Tobias from Werte-Stiftung allowed our teams and partners to align on shared values and to streamline their expectations.

Looking forward, our teams will dive into collaborative project phases and respectively work on (1) market research and customer journey, (2) insights, knowledge, and concepts and (3) the business case, prototyping, and testing. However, our Interim Pitch is coming up in the end of March, and we are already looking forward to the Final Pitch in May. Until then, we wish our teams all the best and want to thank ourcorporate partners again for the great engagement with our talents.  

As always: stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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