TM V: Week 6

March 29, 2021

At Futury, we want to develop new solutions and market-ready business models to solve the innovation challenges of the future. With “The Mission”, we have clearly dedicated our work to sustainability that brings together talents and leading companies to jointly build a more sustainable future. Thus, our five teams face three different criteria for their ideas that they aim to develop further during our program and, lastly, implement in the market – they should be innovative, feasible and sustainable.

The innovativeness and feasibility of our teams’ ideas are constantly tested during our deep dive and feedback sessions with experts from the field and our corporate partners. Sustainability, however, is more difficult to assess – terminology varies, scientific frameworks differ, political agreements change, and the real impact is often not visible. Thus, we are happy about the support of true experts who help our teams to not lose track on their journey.  

During the workshops on the Sustainable Innovation Framework, Tobias from Werte-Stiftung and Jannis from Futury shared their knowledge about innovation and sustainability, introduced relevant concepts and challenged the sustainable impact of our teams’ ideas. To begin with, they encouraged our talents to create sustainability personas to identify current pain points and general behavior, and to test their ideas against market needs.

As a second step, our teams reflected on their ideas’ sustainable impact that can be measured in terms of the three sustainability dimensions (environmental, social, economic), the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit), the ESG criteria and other terminologies. Further, they placed their ideas within scientific frameworks, and connected them to political agreements to measure their scope. Moving forward, our teams also defined their vision and mission to express what they would like to achieve in the long run and how they plan to reach these pre-defined goals. Based on their vision, they developed concrete challenges that they aim to advance with their solutions to decrease the footprint, increase the handprint, and raise the heartprint of our community.

The footprint describes the negative impact of humans on the planet and our society, such as CO2 emissions, the extinction of species or the exploitation of labor. The handprint, on the other hand, expresses the positive impact of humans on the planet and our society by, for example, protecting ecosystems, increasing the life quality, and improving the social cohesion. The heartprint, lastly, depicts the transformative impact on individuals that could source from incentives for sustainable actions, emotional narratives for sustainability or similar.

For a lasting positive change, it is important for our teams to always keep an overview of their ideas’ impact, and to consider all relevant perspectives: ecological, economic, and social. Overall, sustainability is a vast field with various challenges, and we must, therefore, reinforce discussions about the status-quo, introduce solutions for the future, shift from attitudes towards actions and win people over for the cause. On that note, our teams are important drivers for a more sustainable future, and we look forward to seeing their ideas grow and, ultimately, change the world.  

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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