TM VI: Week 9

August 4, 2021

For “Energy – Be Empowered”, we used our Futury Ideation Platform for the first time to connect our talents prior to the program, upon their application. On the platform, they can upload ideas, create teams, and start brainstorming right away – and this is how Isabella, Raphael, Jules, Tair and Ludivine have found together as a group of talented and driven individuals who aim to enhance the battery market. As team Batterize, they developa software that improve the operation of Li-ion batteries based on predictive ageing and performance models to enable the optimal use of batteries with longer lifetimes and a circular economy.

1.    Why did you join ‘The Mission’ and how did you come together as a team?

Jules: I joined ‘The Mission’ to bring innovative and sustainable ideas to the market and make a difference. The idea initiator recruited us for our skills and profiles on the Futury Ideation Platform.

Raphael: To share an idea in the circular economy of battery storages. Some of my team members contacted me, and I asked others to join my team to complement our skillset.

Isabella: I joined ‘The Mission’ for making a positive impact on the energy sector. I found a lot of potential in the idea that Raphael posted on the Futury Ideation Platform, and I was thrilled to develop it with the rest of the team.

Ludivine: To create something that will have more impact on sustainable development than just my individual self. I first thought of doing something with EV batteries, but I couldn’t come up with a concrete idea. When I saw that Raphael posted something similar, I contacted him, and the others joined our team as well.

Tair: I joined ‘The Mission’ to create something cool!

2.    What sustainability challenge (within the energy sector) is the most pressing in your opinion?

Jules: Energy transitionas it is vital to limit global warming and allow further generations to thrive.

Raphael: To keep the manufacturing and design of batteries as transparent and poor in resources as possible. To gain the acceptance of batteries in the society and create strong arguments for alternatives to fossil fuels.

Isabella: I believe that the biggest challenge in the energy transition is finding large-scale energy alternatives to fossil fuels that are affordable and sustainable.

Ludivine: I think that using all the resources to their fullest and reusing them is the most pressing challenge. The EU is really pushing towards circular economy, so they also realized it.

Tair: The biggest challenge, in my opinion, is the global transition to renewable energy.

3.    How will your solution change the sector?

Jules: Our solution will facilitate the battery circular economy development and, thus, enhance the energy storage availability to meet the energy transition stakes.

Raphael: We create transparency in battery behavior to increase knowledge during each period of a battery’s lifetime. This will enable us to qualify batteries for second life applications in the near future.

Isabella: The energy transition and the electrification of vehicles will require more and more batteries for storing energy. Our solution increases lifetime, efficiency, and reliability of batteries.

Ludivine: By creating transparency, our solution will allow the battery market to thrive. Later, our solution will change the sector by making 2nd life batteries available for both private customers and businesses.

Tair: With our software, we believe thatwe can make the battery economy more efficient and reduce waste.

4.    Which corporate partners are you working with, and how has this collaboration helped you so far?

Jules: We are currently working closely with Uniper, Siemens, Kraftwerk, Schaeffler and Techem. This tremendously helped us to find our idea and develop it.

Raphael: Uniper supports usin creating our prototype based on historical data from one of their battery plants. Siemens and Kraftwerk helped us to validate our idea and guided us through the battery world.

Isabella: Uniper is helping us in developing the prototype, Kraftwerk and Schaeffler are providing great insights into the battery market, and Siemens and Techem are advising us on the strategy.

Ludivine: Since the beginning, we have been in contact with Siemens, Kraftwerk, Schaeffler, Techem, Uniper, and Founders Intelligence. Uniper helps us developing a prototype and the other corporate partners have given us invaluable feedback to validate assumptions and the need that we are answering.

Tair: All corporate partners help us very well with their vision, insights, and contacts. At this stage, Uniper supports us additionally by providing us with the necessary resources to build our prototype.

5.    What role does Futury play during ‘The Mission’?

Jules: Futury provides us the soil, enabling our idea to bloom, and it is then our responsibility to water it mindfully.

Raphael: Futury provides us a great environment to create our product as a team, and a large network to professionalize our company.

Isabella: Futury provides the structure for developing the idea and the network for evolving it in an innovative and international environment.

Ludivine: Futury plays a monitoring role. The team gives us everything needed to create a company, like workshops for tools, corporate contacts for partnerships, offices, and consulting.

Tair: Futury provides all the resources we need to work comfortably and productively on running a startup.

6.    And lastly: what do you recommend future talents for their time at ‘The Mission’?

Jules: I strongly recommend the future talents to leverage as much as possible from the corporate partners, empower the knowledge provided through the workshops, develop and nurture their network to the fullest, and – last but not least – enjoy.

Raphael: Think big, break your idea down to a niche and use this great environment to create.

Isabella: Get the knowledge, network, and enthusiasm from Futury, corporate partners and other teams, and have fun!

Ludivine: You can’t overuse the environment provided at ‘The Mission’. Be aware that it will be a rollercoaster but enjoy the ride.

Tair: Be proactive andtake advantage of all the opportunities that the program gives you.

Matching the right people has been part of our mission from day one, and we are happy to see that our Futury Ideation Platform has brought together a thriving team. Despite their different academic and professional backgrounds, Jules, Raphael, Isabella, Ludivine and Tair share the same vision: to improve the use of batteries economically and ecologically. We are curious about how they develop this solution further and cannot wait for their final pitch.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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