TM VI: Week 3

June 29, 2021

After the pitch is before the pitch, and our talents immediately dived back into their working mode after an impressive performance at our Kick-Off Pitch. For the next ten weeks, they will define (and refine) their project scope, conduct market and user research, start prototyping and, lastly, create a real business case. To facilitate the switch from the organized onboarding weeks into self-organized working phases, we provided our talents with additional methodological and topic-related workshops, and we are happy to see that they are all eager to learn.

On Monday, we welcomed our talents back from a well-deserved weekend with our regular check-in call to introduce them to and align on their schedules for the week. Afterwards, they had time to work together in their teams, discuss the corporate partners’ feedback, exchange ideas, and organize their week. In the afternoon, Bain& Company introduced our talents to Agile Project Management that – in contrast to traditional project management – uses short development cycles to focus on the continuous product development instead of a static planning. Following this iterative approach, our teams will – from now on – work on pre-defined weekly sprints to cover market and user research, business modeling, prototyping and testing.

On Tuesday, Bain & Company kicked-off their regular deep-dive sessions, in which they will – once a week – discuss the current state of our talents’ ideas and provide thorough feedback to our teams. Moreover, our teams attended a workshop on the Sustainability Innovation Framework, led by the Tobias from the Werte-Stiftung and Jannis from Futury, who introduced them to the development of truly sustainable ideas. Specifically, our talents were asked to define their ideas’ positive impact on the environment, the economy and/or society. As driver for a more sustainable future, these ideas should be reflected in terms of their environmental, economic, and social influence and as a viable business solution, these KPIs should be part of the overall decision-making process.

On Wednesday, our talents were able to train their research skills during a workshop on Market Research and Startup Success by Founders Intelligence. Moreover, they used their individual working time to advance their ideas during team discussions. On Thursday, Bain & Company held a workshop on User Research to sensitize our talents to their potential customers’ needs. Infact, analyzing users is an essential part of every product’s development and extracting the sharpest possible insights requires thorough and thought-through methods. Using a broad set of methods, ranging from quantitative to qualitative approaches, allows our teams to expose and address problems, and to develop solutions that are market-ready and likely to succeed.

On Friday, lastly, our teams had individual sessions with our Talent Manager Laura who walked them through the results of their FirstMind Test – a Talent Discovery Test that highlights our strongest (and weakest) talents. This session has proven to bevaluable for both the success and the dynamics of our teams, and we are happy to have a FirstMind expert in our own ranks at Futury.

By now, our teams have demonstrated both their motivation and their capabilities to independently work on their ideas and push their projects forward. Yet, we will support them together with our corporate partners through our status calls on Mondays and our check-out calls on Fridays. We are excited to see their development and growth, and we can only encourage you to follow their journey.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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