TM VI: Week 2

June 17, 2021

The second week of our program “Energy – Be Empowered!”, in which our teams successfully prepared for and mastered their first big milestone, has come to an end. At the Kick-Off Pitch, they introduced their ideas and shared the solutions that they will work on for the upcoming three months.

The days before the pitch were filled with workshops and individual working phases to create pitch decks and train presentation skills. On Monday, we introduced our talents to the second week of our onboarding plan with our regular check-in and a workshop on stakeholder management with Bain & Company. On Tuesday, we held a pitch training together with Bain & Company to provide our talents with useful advice and thorough feedback. On Wednesday, our talents could fully focus on the preparations for their big day and on Thursday, it got serious with their first presentation in front of our corporate partners.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, our program director Vanessa Kämpf welcomed our livestream audience to our Kick-Off Pitch and introduced the agenda – both our virtual guests and our talents could not have been more excited. Prior to the pitches,we could welcome Dr. Falko Ueckerdt from the Potsdam Institute for ClimateImpact Research, Dr. Holger Kreetz from Uniper and Matthias Hartmann from Techem for inspiring keynote speeches and a top-class panel discussion on the role of sustainable innovation within the sector. After a short coffee break, it was time for our talents to pitch and we are really proud of what they have jointly achieved so far.

Team Endeema targets the high energy demand fluctuation, the energy supply constraints, the providers’ subcharges at demand peaks and the inefficient energy management. The idea of Lucy, Joel, Florian and Haris is to develop a tool that monitors and analyzes peak times, offers customer incentives for a lower energy usage, and passes the cost cut from companies onto the customers.

Team Ränergy addresses the complex processes within the energy market, the lack of capital and the low incentives for property owners to become prosumers. Specifically, Hazal, Mostafa, Jan and Omkar will connect property owners with people who are willing to make an impactful investment to facilitate and accelerate the switch to more sustainable energy sources and to, on the long run, create a decentralized energy market with lower electricity costs.

Team Reevolta tackles the negative environmental impact of EV batteries, which are one of the main drivers for greenhouse gas emissions and, moreover, cause a tremendous amount of waste. For that reason, Ludivine, Tair, Isabella and Jules will develop a highly automized reuse system for batteries that are collected, unpacked, tested, labelled, and reassembled to extend their lifetime.

Team Tradesoul aims to connect renewable energy producers with small and medium-sized companies. The solution of Ferdinand, Francesco and Ryan is a blockchain-based energy marketplace that helps small and medium-sized companies getting access to PPAs, minimize transactions costs and eliminate time spent on negotiations.

Team Plants, lastly, works on the generation of electricity for buildings, which currently accounts for 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Adrien, Rohan, Nirjhar and Marlo aim to harvest electricity from plants (and potentially other bio-energies) to make the energy management for buildings more efficient and to embellish facades that, on the long run, will improve the air quality and storage of rainwater.  

What a set of innovative solutions that could make the energy sector more sustainable. The audience, including our corporate partners, was deeply impressed and the direct feedback from Uniper and Techem was rich. Closing the livestream, Vanessa summarized the event and introduced the next steps that our teams and corporate partners will take, together with us.

The dedicated feedback-session on Friday marked the beginning of our teams' collaboration with our corporate partners, in which they received feedback and exchanged ideas. During the session, we could see that both our corporate partners and our talents thrived, and we are really impressed by their focus and energy.  

Looking forward, our teams will dive into their working phases and respectively work on (1) market research and customer journey, (2) insights, knowledge, and concepts and (3) the business case, prototyping, and testing. From our previous Missions, however, we have learned that time is always flying and the next big milestone – the Interim Pitch – will come up fast. Thus, we wish our talents all the best for the upcoming weeks with productive work sessions on their solutions, a valuable exchange with our corporate partners and fun moments with their team members and the whole group. Follow their journey on our channels, and feel free to reach out to us at any time.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,



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