TM VI: Week 13

September 1, 2021

Three month sago, we started our Mission “Energy – Be Empowered!” to discover, design and build sustainable solutions for the production, usage, and management of energy. Together with our corporate partners, our five innovations teams challenged today’s status quo and developed new solutions that will positively impact our environment. The Final Pitch has always been the ultimate milestone, which our talents and corporate partners looked forward to, and yesterday, we finally hosted our (digital) event.

At Techem X, our program director Vanessa Kämpf welcomed our virtual audience with a short recap of the last three months and an outline of our pitch event. The first highlight on our agenda was an exclusive interview with Matthias Hartmann, Chief Executive Officer at Techem, who shared his thoughts on the energy transformation in the real estate sector, the company’s internal transformation journey and personal impulses on how to drive successful (and sustainable) change. Subsequently, we could welcome him back on stage for a top-notch panel with Holger Kreetz (Chief Operating Officer Asset Management at Uniper), Uwe Wagner (Chief Technology Officer at Schaeffler) and Stefan Wörner (Partner at Bain &Company). Together with Jannis Röthemeier (Senior Project Manager at Futury) as moderator, the panel discussed target visions and concrete measures for the transition to more sustainable business models as well as today’s sustainability challenges and tomorrow’s innovation opportunities. Afterwards, we handed the microphone over to our teams who confidently pitched their ideas and received great applause.

First up was Endeema who develops a B2B software that helps power-intensive SMEs in the manufacturing sector to match their energy demand with the supply of renewable energy. Specifically, the ML-based platform predicts the share of renewable energies in the power grid to provide companies with recommendations for their load profiles and to, consequently, allow them to become smarter, greener, and cost-efficient. With this solution, Haris, Joel, Lucy and Florian aim to support the integrated energy consumption and increase the grid stability and flexibility.

Next up was Raenergy who builds an interactive meta-search engine to engage people with renewable energy projects. With their tool, Mostafa, Hazal, Omkar and Jan provide an overview of nearby local projects listed by partnering crowdfunding platforms, real-time visualizations of the projects’ progress and the CO2 offsetting performance to enable individuals to participate in local projects. Their aim is to increase the participation opportunities for the public as well as market transparency to facilitate the transformation towards clean green energy sources.

After a shortbreak, Batterize presented its software solution that helps companies to enhance the operation of Li-ion batteries based on predictive aging and performance models. During the batteries’ first life, the tool visualizes the current and predicted state of health with actionable insights and after the first life, it connects micro-mobility companies with repurposing companies. With this solution, Isabella, Raphael, Jules, Tair and Ludivine aim to enable a sustainable management of batteries, improve their usage ecologically and economically, and create a longer lifetime with second-lifeusage, which contributes to the circular economy.

Mein digitaler Energieberater, on the other hand, enables building owners to renovate their homes easier, faster, and more sustainable with energy-efficient products as well as energy consultants to efficiently run their businesses. With this online platform, Ryan, Ferdinand and Francesco allow homeownersto enter their data, receive a smart individual renovation roadmap and an individual project coordination without time-consuming iteration. Overall, the team aims for a smooth application system for all parties involved to support the Green-Deal-Goals.

Lastly, Aquack presented its new biological wastewater treatment systems that allow companiesto sustainably and cost-efficiently clean wastewater according to the regulations. Specifically, the systems collect wastewater and channel it into duckweed-covered constructed wetlands to remove heavy metals and produce biomass. With their solution, Adrien, Marlo, Nirjhar and Rohan aim to enable a circular usage for water while fighting water pollution and producing carbon neutral energy.

What an event – the feedback from our corporate partners and the audience was overwhelming with praise for our teams’ solutions, suggestions on how to proceed as well as offers to cooperate in the future. With mixed feelings, we are now wrapping up our program, and we can hardly believe that our sixth Mission “Energy – Be Empowered!” has already come to an end. On behalf of the whole Futury Team, we thank our corporate partners and talents for the great collaboration during the program,which hopefully has been the starting point for future partnerships – off you go, and all the best!

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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