TM VI: Week 11

August 19, 2021

Green buildings have the potential to reduce negative and create positive impacts on ourenvironment, but property owners often lack the knowledge on how to sustainably renovate their homes. To solve this challenge, Ryan, Ferdinand and Francesco develop a renovation platform that helps homeowners to gain information on the best possible renovation solutions as well as energy consultants to efficiently run their business. With Servicio, they aim for a smooth application system for all parties involved to reduce the CO2 footprint and support the Green-Deal-Goals.

1.    Why did you join ‘The Mission’ and how did you come together as a team?

Ryan: I joined ‘The Mission’ because Futury is a one-of-kind incubator – offering access to esteemed corporates, pairing with highly qualified team members, and receiving guidance from experienced staff in a multicultural environment is rare in the startup world and Futury does it all its own way 

Ferdinand: Your environment determines your progress. At Futury, you work with people who have experience within the industry and startups. This means that you getfast and good feedback, which helps you to move forward with your startup in a goal-oriented way! Francesco and I have known each other since school and have worked together on a few projects. Through Futury, we met Ryan, which makes our team more diverse. 

Francesco: Ferdinand and I have beentrying to found a startup for some time now. We've already developed some ideas and founded Stakez together – a platform where gamers can play against each other for money, which we shut down this year. While brainstorming some B2B ideas, we realized how hard it is to get access to companies, if you don't have a strong enough network. Futury offers a unique opportunity to work closely with cooperation partners like Techem and Siemens on a problem-oriented solution. Through close communication with cooperation partners, mentors, and business consultants, we regularly receive valuable input and feedback. This allows us to further develop our idea in a targeted manner. Through Futury, we met Ryan, who completes our team.    

2.    What sustainability challenge (within the energy sector) is the most pressing in your opinion?

Ryan: About 38% of Germany’s total energy consumption is accounted for by the building sector – space heating, hot water, cooling and lighting in residential and non-residential buildings. Addressing this area specifically opens the door for a large sustainable impact.  

Ferdinand: Iam very grateful for the progress of the last decades. The smart people who brought us to where we are today could not have known the impact of their actions on our environment. I see it as the task of our generation to build onthat progress and make it sustainable, so that many more generations after us can have a positive impact on the world, too! To make a change, I see the biggest opportunities in construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings.   

Francesco: Ithink it is important to look at the entire value chain in the energy sector – from the production of energy to the consumption of energy – in order to achieve the goal of climate neutrality. Each of these chains contributes its share to achieve climate neutrality. However, we think that it will be a long way until the complete energy production can be delivered by energy neutral plants. Therefore, we are looking at how to reduce unnecessary energy consumption to reduce the demand for climate-damaging energy. The building sector and mobility sector play a major role in this.

3.    How will your solution change the sector?

Ferdinand: We are still in the validation phase and the product can change quickly. Nevertheless, it is clear that we want to implement an impact on our environment in the building sector!

Francesco: At the moment, it is difficult to say how our solution will change the sector. We use a problem-oriented approach where we examine the problem from multiple perspectives using a holistic approach. Based on this, we will work out several solutions and choose the most promising one. I am looking forward to presenting our solution in a later stage (at the Final Pitch).

4.    Which corporate partners are you working with, and how has this collaboration helped you so far?

Ryan: So far, we have received wonderful feedback from all the partners. Siemens, Wisag, and Techem have supported our specific ideation journey most recently due to their involvement in the sector. 

Ferdinand: Wetry to get in touch with all partners and leverage their knowledge. Ultimately, this is one of the features of the Futury program that we want to use to build our start-up!

Francesco: We are in regular exchange with Techem and Siemens. Both partners are extremely committed and go to great lengths to help us. We receive enormously valuable feedback, new perspectives, opinions, and expertise in every single phone call. However, we try to work with all collaborative partners to leverage their expertise and get more perspectives.    

5.    What role does Futury play during ‘The Mission’?

Ryan: Futury plays the key role in providing guidance and structure for our decisions, as well as an ever-friendly sounding board for our thoughts. 

Ferdinand: Futury is the platform that helps us get our startup off the ground effectively. They connect us with the corporate partners, give us the opportunity to build and challenge the idea with Bain & Company in weekly deep dives and workshops. At the same time, the Futury team is always there to help – no matter what!

Francesco: Futury accompanies us through the various phases of company formation – from idea generation to prototyping. They support us in all business-related issues and provide an extraordinarily valuable network. With the help of Futury, we can minimize our feedback loops and achieve milestones faster. Without Futury, we would not be as far along with our idea as we are now.

6.    And lastly: what do you recommend future talents for their time at ‘The Mission’?

Ryan: Take advantage of not only the unique opportunities that are availableto you every week but also the intelligent, exceptional people around you.  

Ferdinand: Engage with all corporate partners as early as possible to understand the issues within the industry. Use the valuable time with all parties to move your idea forward through quick and regular feedback.

Francesco: Look for a realproblem that is worth solving. Don't be afraid to pivot and go in a differentdirection if you think you're at a crossroad. Use the network of the cooperation partners and Futury, and try to talk to as many people as possible.

At Futury, we want to inspire, match, and enable entrepreneurial talents and corporate partners to innovate together and when looking at Servicio, we clearly succeeded. We are impressed by their reflections on today’s challenges and opportunities, and their personal and professional growth during the last two months. The team truly benefits from the diverse backgrounds of its members and our corporate partner network providing impulses, insights, and knowledge. We cannot wait to see the team’s idea evolve – let’s wait for the final pitch.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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