TM VI: Week 10

August 12, 2021

The energy transformation concerns our entire society, but the public is mostly left out from actively engaging in the production of renewable energy. Moreover, the market lacks transparency to allow green energy to finally push through. To solve this challenge, Raenergy wants to connect small-sized renewable energy projects who need funding with people who are willing to make an impactful invest. For this crowdlending approach, Hazal, Jan, Mostafa and Omkar are building a rapid, simplified and facilitating matchmaking tool, which is 100% automated and digitized to enhance the efficiency of project realizations, increase transparency, and enable carbon offsetting opportunities.

1.    Why did you join ‘TheMission’ and how did you come together as a team?

Hazal: After working on my thesis, which had a sustainability focus, I was up for a challenge for myself and a possibility to shape the future. Futury assisted mein during the matchmaking process on the Futury Ideation Platform, where I had the privilege to meet Mostafa first and then hunt for our other two champions.

Jan: I was always interested in the topic of renewable energy. After I completed my studies, I was looking for jobs to gain some experience. I found an advertisement on the internet that directly caught my attention because it perfectly fit my interest. I was matched with team Raenergy and they presented an idea to me that I loved from the beginning

Mostafa: I joined ‘The Mission’ because I have seen the positive potential that it could bring for my technical and soft skills. The coverage from past Missions served as an inspiration and pushed my motivation to apply and take part in this experience. My team and I came together through a back-and-forth communication alongside a tremendous mediation and support by Futury.

Omkar: My goal was to work on a startup idea in the sustainability domain that can create an impact in this ongoing energy transition. My goal aligned with ‘The Mission VI’ and its agenda and I, thus, decided to apply for it. We, as a team, aligned with each other based on an impactful and scalable business idea sparked by Mostafa, and the professional diversity that each of us possess was the most compelling reason to go for it.

2.    What sustainability challenge (within the energy sector) is the most pressing in your opinion?

Hazal: I think that the presence of possible individual actions, which one can take to contribute to change, is still lacking. People see how big corporates struggle to solve the issues within the sector, and they are willing to take their own actions since the future belongs to each one of us. But then, there is still a lack of opportunity/possibility to contribute, if you are an individual.

Jan: In my opinion, the decentralization of electricity generation is one of the most important factors. When urban areas are used to generate electricity, the environmental impact of electricity generation can be further reduced – and at the same time, it is important to give consumers more independence by turning them into prosumers.

Mostafa: Regulations – they must be facilitated and simplified for emerging startups and aspiring projects to accelerate the change in the renewable energy sector. The sooner, the better for us and for the environment.

Omkar: Energy efficiency, the lack of capital to decentralize energy systems and sustainable storage solutions are still pain points. Decarbonizing sectors is also a crucial challenge.

3.    How will your solution change the sector?

Hazal: Our solution will enable individuals to contribute shaping the energy sector one step at a time.

Jan: We want to give individuals the opportunity to partake in the energy transition by giving them the financial help. On the other hand, we want to give people without a property the option to help these individuals realizing their projects.

Mostafa: It will bring people together for the same cause – it will give them direct ownership of the change that they want to see and be an integral part of it.

Omkar: Our solution can mobilize green investments to allow for a decentralization of energy systems and enhance self-sufficiency in the energy consumption, which can also promote decarbonization in the residential sector.

4.    Which corporate partners are you working with, and how has this collaboration helped you so far?

Mostafa: Uniper has been a unique type of support and they are always our reality check for any new ideas that we come up with, because they are experts within the industry and old players in the game. They provided us with valuable resources and advice that helped us during our research and ideation process.

Omkar: It is great to gain valuable business development lessons from Bain & Company. Alongside, we are also in touch with the energy specialists Uniper and Techem as well as legal advisors from Osborne Clarke. The one-on-one guidance from each of these partners have enlightened us with knowledge about the ongoing market needs and supported us with their insightful resources.

5.    What role does Futury play during ‘The Mission’?

Hazal: I think that Futury plays the “enabler” role in ‘The Mission’ for each team toget the best out of this 3-month experience. With various workshops, sessions, networking activities and never-stopping guidance, they enable us to make use of everything there is to offer so that we can improve each aspect of our ideas.

Jan: Futury provides us with a highly innovative environment with lots of new insights into the business world through mentoring and various workshops. This, in turn, helps us to shape our idea to make it succeed.

Mostafa: Top notch organization, coordination, and media coverage – from the results, you can clearly see the hard work that is being done behind the scenes with full passion and determination to leave an impact on each one of us.

Omkar: Futury is playing a prominent role in bringing budding entrepreneurs together and supporting their entrepreneurial instincts in a resourceful atmosphere. The guidance from all the corporate partners is the most essential asset, which we are gaining and getting enriched with.

6.    And lastly: what do you recommend future talents for their time at ‘The Mission’?

Hazal: I recommend them to believe in and challenge their ideas throughout the three months. It is a great opportunity – you not only have 3 - 4 team members but 20 people on board who are as enthusiastic as you are and who you can exchange ideas with. The time passes very quickly; therefore, another crucial recommendation is that they should have the most fun!

Jan: I recommend keeping an open mindset and use every opportunity to challenge your idea. In the end, you might come out with a totally different one but throughout the journey, you have the opportunity to shape it with lots of amazing support which wouldn’t be possible without the help of Futury.

Mostafa: Connect with as much people as you can and make the most out of the time spent around the office. It is a rare opportunity to be part of the complete start-up process, from ideation and conceptualization until reaching an MVP and an initial business plan draft. It is not only an innovative program but also a bootcamp that gives you what it takes to become a real disrupter and a leader.

Omkar: Networking with each bright talent at Futury and even beyond its ecosystem is what turns out to be the main highlight and takeaway from such a fruitful experience.

It is amazing to see how four talents with diverse academic backgrounds (computer science, management + marketing +entrepreneurship, renewable energy management, and business information systems) from four different countries (Turkey, Germany, Egypt, and India) and cooperate and complement each other’s skills. During the last two months, they have grown together as a team and jointly developed a customer-centric solution that is absolutely in line with the users’ and stakeholders’ needs. Their next milestone will be the Final Pitch, and we are already looking forward to their presentation.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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