TM VI: Week 1

June 11, 2021

We are live with „Energy– Be Empowered!” and our talents have already arrived in Frankfurt to settle in for the program – out of 489 applicants from 77 countries, they have been selected to discover, design, and develop the energy solutions of tomorrow. For this Mission, we moved into the WeWork (Taunusanlage) in Frankfurt and on Monday, we welcomed our talents totheir future office space with a packed but interesting onboarding week. To ensure a safe working environment, we carried out rapid corona tests with our talents, our collaborators, and our Futury Team. After the negative test results, we could all move into the workshop space to kick off our new program.

On Monday, Vanessa Kämpf (ProgramDirector), Marcel Schemmel (Project Manager) and Julia Stahl (Project Manager) greeted the teams with a warm welcome speech, a detailed introduction to our program’s structure and an interactive session about personal expectations. To surprise our talents, we prepared a small welcome package with useful presents from the initiators of The Mission: Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, Handelsblatt Media Group and PreZero. Of course, we equipped our talents with the obligatory Futury Hoodie as well, and we were happy to see so many smiling and excited faces (behind the masks). Afterwards, it was time for a quick WeWork-Tour and for a teambuilding workshop by Nelson Meija from WeSpark who helped our talents to get to know each other, create rituals and align on goals for the next three months. By the end of the day, our talents were fully informed about the program, grew together as a team, organized their software tools, and prepared for the upcoming workshops.

On Tuesday, our teams (virtually) met our corporate partners who presented their businesses, explained their challenges, and shared their expectations. Further, our talents addressed questions to the business experts and established a first contact for the future collaboration. In the afternoon, we welcomed back Tobias Raffel from the Werte-Stiftung for a workshop on sustainability-as-a-value as well as Anna Colucci and Francesco Baldi for a sustainability keynote about the climate change. What an impressive day!

On Wednesday, we kicked off a two-module workshop with Zyrian, Thomas and Nick from Bain & Company to teach our talents a problem-solving approach for their ideation process: Design Thinking. To understand the potential customers that our talents want to create solutions for, the teams defined problem statements and refined their first-draft ideas.By developing personas, they could advance their ideas further while,simultaneously, memorizing important methodological tools. In the afternoon,our teams had time to work in their teams to discuss ideas and create an own schedule. As a final showdown of the day, we hosted a ping-pong tournament, and the winning team could pick their office space first.

On Thursday,it was all about Design Thinking again and our talents demonstrated their growing ability to analyze a problem, divide it into its details and formulate asolution. Further, our teams attended a workshop from Vanessa about presentation skills and how to best pitch ideas to a broader audience. To close the day, we connected our new talents with some of our alumni talents at the fireside-chat to exchange experience and share stories about our past Missions – this is definitely one of our favorite events during the Onboarding Week.

On Friday, lastly, we kicked off the last workshop for this week with a session on hard skills, strengths, roles and responsibilities as well as an individual coaching with Futury and Bain & Company.

Looking back, itwas a packed but insightful week, and we would like to thank our corporate partners for the great engagement with our teams. Further, we are amazed by our teams’ energy and look forward to the Kick-Off Pitch next week. For the next blog entry, you can expect details about this milestone event but make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram as well to keep posted.  

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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