TM V: Week 8

April 9, 2021

E-mobility has dominated the discussion about green mobility for years now, but many consumers hesitate to adopt electrical vehicles because they cannot charge these at home. For that reason, we have dedicated one of our current mission’s innovation fields to the question of how to ensure a sufficient charging infrastructure for the community. Lena, Martin and Georg have found the answer and work, as team Connectra, on a platform that supports the community in installing and sharing chargers on private grounds.

1.    Why did you join “The Mission” and what was your first impression of your team?

Lena: I had only little touchpoints with the mobility industry prior to joining The Mission V. I rather saw this as an obstacle, but also as an opportunity to develop myself. In addition, I can support in developing an idea as a more unbiased team member. And while I am mentioning our team... all I need to say: “Best team in town!”

Martin: I joined the mission because I had wanted to found for a long time. The first impression of my team was very positive. We immediately got along well as a team, which was important for me.

2.    Which mobility challenge is the most pressing in your opinion, and how will your solution change the sector?

Lena: I think the biggest challenge is that people and goods need to move in a greener and more sustainable way. Our solution addresses this problem by focusing on expanding the private charging infrastructure and, thus, fostering e-mobility in more rural regions, which – after all – are home to 2/3 of the German population.

Martin: I think the biggest challenge in the future will be to make mobility more sustainable and to give everyone the chance to be a part of it. Through our community approach, we want to let everyone participate.

Georg: Sustainable mobility will only be successful if it’s competitive with conventional mobility. Economic incentives might not be the only incentive for switching to green mobility, but they still are and will always be important.

3.    How do you work together as a team, and what role does Futury play during “The Mission”?

Lena: Team CONNECTRA was intended to start as the ‘fantastic four’. Sadly, our fourth team member was not able to join The Mission and we indeed started the projectas the ‘three musketeers’. Thus, it is even more important for us as a team to leverage our resources and effort to those things which are truly important. However, although there is a tough workload, we never forget to have fun! Andif there is anything hindering us with regards to this, Futury helps us as kind of a mediator to get back on track finding our harmonious ways of working.

Martin: We try to share as much as possible and use our strengths. Futury helps us to structure ourselves and provides us with external support.

4.    What corporate partners are you working with, and how has this collaboration helped you for your idea?

Lena:We are mainly in contact with the Mainova AG. We are regularly exchanging with different experts from the strategic, operational, and the sales division. This collaboration is truly amazing! We are given valuable feedback with regards to challenges that we were not thinking about in the first place. This helped us to quickly adapt our idea and tackle those bottlenecks. In addition, it is great and motivating to see how big companies show honest interest in your idea and even consider working together with you after The Mission terminates.

Martin: We work very closely with Mainova AG and its subsidiaries. The interviews have been very helpful as we have been able to getvaluable expert opinions.

Georg: The corporate partners supply us with valuable insights. As the e-mobility and charging market is very complex, a half an hourtalk with an expert is worth more than 1 week of research on the internet.

5.    And lastly: What was your highlight during “The Mission” so far, and what do you recommend future talents?

Lena: My personal highlight is that I have met so many interesting and different people in such a short period. Even though The Mission V will soon be over, I am sure that I will benefit from these contacts, whether on a personal and private, or on a business level.

Martin: My highlight is to meet exciting new people and to work with them on future challenges of mobility.

Georg: My highlight are the people I meet here every day. The professional advise we receive from Bain & Company is a great support to keep track.

Matching the right people has been part of our mission from day one, and we are happy to see team Connectra thrive. With their diverse (academic) backgrounds in the fields of marketing and e-business, industrial engineering and agricultural economics, Lena, Martin and Georg perfectly complement each other and share the same vision: to make chargers accessible and affordable for the mass segment and to, ultimately, shift from fossil fuels to e-mobility. We are curious about how they develop their solution further and cannot wait for their final pitch.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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