TM V: Week 4

March 12, 2021

After a well-deserved weekend, we were all looking forward to exciting workshops and meetings. Even though we have only reached week 4 of our program, our newly developed routines have already settled in, and we can see our teams thrive and advance their ideas. However, there still are some new things to explore such as the first combined status call with our corporate partners and our teams.

The regular status calls on Mondays allow our teams to present the current state of their idea to our corporate partners to receive feedback and to ask for support. From now on, they will share their progress on a high-level Kanban Board to give an overview of what has been done during the previous week and what is on the agenda for the current one. By now, most of the teams have defined the roles and responsibilities within the team,and distributed tasks to structure their way of working. Those tasks compiled an initial market research (including the identification of competitors), the definition of problem statements and hypotheses as well as ideation and sprint planning to further their idea. For the current week, most teams focused on a detailed product and user research, and the development of a stakeholder management strategy, which also included the initial contact to our corporate partners. On that note, our teams were looking for support in understanding mobility trends, defining their target groups and addressing potential research participants. Further, they wished to improve as a team, and this is where Futury comes into play (again).

With a workshop on Social Styles, Vanessa from Team Futury sensitized our talents to different patterns of behavior that we constantly exhibit and respond to – and if we manage to adjust these behaviors,we can improve our relationships and achieve a more effective working environment. Instead of for example the MBTI, the social style model focuses on behavior patterns instead of personality types and, thus, describes actions rather than ideas, values, attitudes and similar. According to themodel, behavior can be divided into two dimensions – assertiveness and responsiveness – that describe the degree to which others perceive you as a person that tends to either ask or tell and to either control or emote. Specifically, the degree of your actions will describe you as one of the following styles: driving ( = tells and controls) , expressive ( = tells and emotes), amiable ( = asks and emotes), and analytical ( = asks and controls). Each style has its own orientation and features different potentials and needs that should be considered to work together as a team – an eclectic team with a combination of different styles that will allow us to perform at our best.

Besides understanding the team, it is also crucial to understand the consumer that our talents develop solutions for. Thus, the workshop on Market Research with Founders Intelligence was highly appreciated as a deep-dive session into what we can learn from the overall market and especially the start-up ecosystem. New technologies and business models shoot up at a fast pace and keeping track of the market and the industry is an important factor for developing a new business.

On our roadmap towards the final pitch, this week has been dedicated to market research, user research and concept testing, and we can proudly say that our teams have succeeded – they evaluated market trends, conducted research, and prepared for upcoming user analyses. However, there still is a long way to go, and we are excited to support our talents during their rollercoaster journey – how about you?

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,



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