TM V: Week 13

May 11, 2021

Three months ago, we started our Mission “Mobility – Be Urban!” to address current mobility challenges and after an intense onboarding week, our five teams set out to create more sustainable journeys for consumers, businesses, and logistics. Together with our corporate partners, they wanted to challenge the status quo and develop new solutions that will positively impact our social and ecological environment. After yesterday’s Final Pitch, we can proudly say that our teams succeeded – they put forth advanced concepts and prototypes that will push forward the whole sector.

The Final Pitch has always been the most important pitch during our program, and both our corporate partners and talents looked forward to this milestone event from the beginning. Unfortunately, this pitch had to take place via livestream again, but our speakers mastered the remote presentations excellently and captivated all our virtual guests – including Team Futury.

Kicking off the event was Guiseppe Fiordispina, Marketing Director at SEAT, who shed light onto the current trends and challenges in the mobility sector. With his firm belief in sustainability, he reflected on the successful collaboration with our teams and the company’s commitment to finding sustainable solutions for the sake of future generations. Following this inspiring speech, our Program Director Vanessa Kämpf recapped the past weeks and highlighted the working phases that our talents went through during the last months. Afterwards, it was time to pitch for our talents, and we are still amazed by the elaborated solutions that they developed during this short period of time.  

First up was Connectra who targets the insufficient number and availability of charging stations as a prerequisite for moving from fossil fuels towards e-mobility. To expand the private charging infrastructure, the three minds behind this mission – Lena, Martin and Georg – developed an app that brings together charger owners and e-vehicle drivers. With Connectra, the team creates a decentralized and bottom-up community grid to enable charger owners to share their private wall boxes and e-vehicle drivers tocharge their vehicles close by.

The next pitch came from Green Light who aims to make corporate mobility more sustainable by incorporating relevant information about the company’s and theindividuals’ footprint into the decision-making. With their software solution, Maira, Carl, Dominik and Vihang provide managers with relevant and comprehensible information about the environmental impact of business journeys. Specifically, the tool sums up the data of all business travels and presents it in a dashboard that will help companies to understand their impact and take cohesive action.

After a shortbreak, it was time for goldfinch who tackles the unsustainable and inefficient delivery of urgent goods. In fact, Nil, Natalia, Marvin and Anurag are taking transportation into the air by the means of drones to optimize the time and sustainability impact and empower the drone market. Their solution is a platform for drone deliveries that connects drone service providers and delivery services for the presentation and simulation of use cases, and the suggestion and booking of the most suitable vehicle.

Afterwards, neways presented their add-on service for mobility-as-a-service apps that will make public transport more inclusive, safe, and resilient. Specifically, Mary, Ben and Gerard enable consumers to plan, book and pay for multiple means of transportation, receive coupons for local shops, purchase tickets for cultural experiences and access entertainment on-demand. By adding benefits to the public transportation, the team aims to incentivize the usage of public transport and encourage more sustainable mobility habits.  

Finally, pacelo presented its solution to the limited transport options for baggage on conventional e-scooters. Teresa, Max, Maxime and Lukas developed an add-on transportation component that allows users to carry their baggage during a ride. With pacelo, the team wants to improve the customer experience and create new use cases that – on the long run – promote more sustainable mobility patterns. Moreover, the team increases the safety, comfort, and flexibility of e-scooters to make these more attractive for the everyday usage.

And once again, the twelve weeks of our program have passed by in a flash, and we can hardly believe that “Mobility – Be Urban!” has come to an end. In fact, wrapping up a Mission always comes with mixed feelings: we are incredibly proud of our talents who have grown both personally and professionally, but also saddened because their journey with us takes its end today.

The feedback from our corporate partners was overwhelming with praise for our teams’ solutions and suggestions on how to jointly develop these further. The continuous collaboration between our partners and talents is inspiring and reinforced our belief in collaborative ideation – only together, we can challenge the status quo and develop new solutions for the future.

On behalf of the whole Futury Team, we want to thank our corporate partners and talents for the amazing teamwork during this Mission. Moreover, we look forward to future collaborations, and we are ready to kick off the next program in just a few weeks.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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