TM V: Week 12

May 3, 2021

Micromobility is one of the major trends within the mobility sector but current solutions still have a way to go before matching the flexibility and comfortability of travelling by car. To close this gap, Teresa, Lukas, Max and Maxime have developed an add-on transportation component that allows users to transport their luggage without any compromises. With pacelo, they tackle the limited transport options on conventional e-scooters to encourage their usage as an important first step towards more sustainable mobility patterns.

1.    Why did you join “The Mission” and how did you grow together as a team?

Teresa: After finishing my studies, I wanted to gain hands-on project experience and try myself as an entrepreneur. I was curious tosee how far we could get with developing our idea in the team within just three months. Growing together as a team felt really easy because we all share this passion for sustainability and are eager to drive change with our idea.

Lukas: Joining The Mission was a great opportunity to become a part of an interdisciplinary team that shares the passion for sustainable mobility.

Max: Working in interdisciplinary teams to find a solution to a concrete problem has always fascinated me and been a lot of fun. Especially the field of mobility is very exciting and offers a lot of opportunities for innovative solutions. Working in this area together, we have grown together very quickly as a team and complement each other really well.

Maxime: Mobility is a subject that I am passionate about so when I saw that The Mission will allow me to work on mobility and the different challenges concerning sustainability and innovation, I was very willing to join The Mission. Joining a team and working with people who have different backgrounds was also an asset that convinced me to join The Mission.

2.    What mobility challenge is the most pressing in your opinion, and how will your solution change the sector?

Teresa: Cities are becoming increasingly crowded, therefore congested roads and polluted air are really big problems in most cities. The rising trend in micromobility is a great start in offering urban people a safe, comfortable and flexible alternative to cars to travel short distances. To make their usage safe and practical, these micromobility vehicles need to be integrated well into the existing infrastructure.

Lukas: I see the challenge of finding alternatives to a carwhich takes a lot of space in urban areas without compromising in the userexperience.

Max: Cities and their structures are constantly changing and so should our mobility in cities. Therefore, it is important to create new opportunities for urban mobility.

Maxime: Sustainable mobility is definitely a huge challenge because we have to save the environment and the current mobility is causing a lot of pollution. So our solution aims to change the habits of micromobility users to have less cars on the roads and more sustainable vehicles.

3.    Which corporate partners are you working with, and how has this collaboration helped you so far?  

Teresa: The interaction with the Corporate Partners helps to gain new perspectives on the problem that we are tackling. From the Landeshauptstadt München, we learned about the challenges that cities are facing with the new trend in Micromobility. SEAT is a great help for us as well as they not only provide valuable feedback on how to improve our product further but also connect us with industry experts from different departments within their organization so we can generate insights on product development from various viewpoints.

Lukas: SEAT has been supported our idea since the beginning and provides us with valuable hardware to test our prototypes.

Max: We had very good exchanges and exciting conversations with several partners – SEAT in particular has given us a lot of support since the kickoff.

Maxime: Our idea is specific to a vehicle so that itis difficult to interact with all the corporate partners. We have a good interaction with several of them but especially SEAT because they are responsible for the micromobilty inside the VW group and regarding our idea, they are giving us relevant feedback.

4.    How did your idea develop since the first week and up until now?

Teresa: Our team started into The Mission with a quite concrete idea of developing a hardware product to enable the carrying of baggage on e-scooters. After the kick-off pitch and very positive feedback, we, therefore, directly went into developing and designing the product without changing the initial solution approach. Until now, we have sticked to the ideaand are working on product details and the development of a business model tobring it onto the market.

Lukas: Creating various physical prototypes has helped usto get rid of many roadblocks that we had in the beginning e.g. driving experience with weight in the front of an e-scooter. Also, we have narrowed down the use-cases where there is a user need for our idea.

Max: In the beginning, we started the process with a sketch and an idea. After a short time, we already started testing the concept and are currently developing the various components in detail.

Maxime: The initial idea is the idea that we are currently developing. Indeed, after challenging this idea, we are now testing the pain points related to this idea via different prototypes.

5.    And lastly: would you join “The Mission” again?

Teresa: Definitely, yes! The Mission has been a lot of fun so far. Growing together as a team and seeing progress on our idea every day is definitely an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

Lukas: By joining The Mission, I met a huge diversity of personalities which I can recommend to everyone. This environment is motivating and inspiring to make the most out of the time.

Max: It's a fantastic opportunity to work with like-minded people from different fields on a shared projectand to further develop your skills and take a step towards self-employment.

Maxime: Meet amazing people and having the support of the Futury team is a very good opportunity to develop an idea and have three months to prepare the launch of a potential startup. So I will definitely see myself join again The Mission!

Team pacelo has identified an important paint point of potential customers that can imagine the shift towards more sustainable mobility patterns but restrain from a change due to practical reasons. Moreover, our talents are motivated to initiate the change that they want to see in the current mobility sector and pass on their enthusiasm onto us and our corporate partners. We cannot wait for the final pitch, and we wish the team all the best for the final presentation.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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