TM V: Week 11

April 27, 2021

Multimodal journeys and on-demand services are dominating the mobility sector, and most consumers are looking for a way to – most comfortably – plan, book and pay for their leisure trips in just one app. However, mobility-as-a-service is an evolving field that currently lacks a joint digital channel. Therefore, our talents Mary, Ben and Gerard developed a platform that not only simplifies but also incentivizes the usage of public transportation. With neways, they want to support service providers and establish new mobility patterns that disburden our planet.

1. Why did you join “The Mission” and what do you like most about it?

Mary: What I like about The Mission is that it is about putting things into action. Furthermore, sustainability is being combined with entrepreneurship. Both are fields that I am interested and gained experience in beforehand. Therefore, I was astonished about the program and all the opportunities that it gives you to actually change something.

Ben: I was eager to improve my entrepreneurial skills and to apply my knowledge of sustainability in a meaningful project tailored to urban mobility issues. Having the chance to spend three months in Frankfurt alongside young talents and experts in the field of urban mobility represented a unique chance for me to learn new skills and develop a strong network.

Gerard: I joined The Mission to deep-dive into a unique experience of building up a startup from scratch, to meet new people from all around the world with different backgrounds and values but one shared mission: to push forward innovation that will have a positive sustainable impact on our planet and society.

2. What mobility challenge is the most pressing in your opinion, and how will your solution change the sector?

Ben: Sustainability is the most pressing challenge for urban mobility. Over a mix of means of transportations which needs to be available for the users, it is fundamental to prioritize walking and cycling to ensure decent health for citizens as air pollution has become increasingly problematic and a major cause of death. With neways, we are helping Mobility-as-a-service providers to incentivize the use of their solutions to allow to re-think mobility through its purpose thanks to a deep integration of on-demand side-services.

3. Which corporate partners are you working with, and how has this collaboration helped you so far?

Mary: The corporate partner that we are currently working the most with is RMV. It is helpful to get their insights about which mobility trends are about to come and how they envision to manage them. Talking to them gives us new perspectives on how to approach and to design our solution.

Ben: We are mainly working with RMV, the regional transport association for the Rhine Main region. We have been able to interact with them to receive feedback but also had 1-1 sessions which were insightful. We learnt from their experience and current innovation development. All of this helped us to build our solution, in line with users' and stakeholders’ expectations.

Gerard: We have worked closely with RMV and the Landeshauptstadt München mostly, but also with SEAT. And it’s been really helpful being able to incorporate corporate partners’ feedback while the project was being developed in order to help us shape our idea and vision for our team and future.

4. How do you work together as a team, and what do you value most about each other?

Mary: My team is great. Always being able to say what is on your mind and openly communicating about everything is definitely one of our core values. No matter what we are facing, we are always doing it as a team, standing behind each other.

Ben: We are having a great team experience with a good balance of working and having fun. Obviously, working within a team of three people with different backgrounds is a challenge but through good communication, we have been able to achieve a nice harmony. I especially enjoy Gerard’s creative mind and Mary’s deep thinking.

Gerard: In our team, we have really different backgrounds, values and ways to see the future and the world that surrounds us. But I think that this is exactly what makes our team special and valuable because we can contribute in a lot of different ways, and learn a lot from each other on a daily basis.

5. And lastly: what do you recommend future talents for their time at “The Mission”?

Mary: I think it is best to come without expectations and keeping an open mind towards the whole experience. Also informing yourself what former talents of Futury said is really helpful. So if you are reading this, you are already on the right track!

Ben: Live the experience to the full, 3-month is really fast and you should use all your energy to make the most of it.

Gerard: It is true that The Mission is a huge opportunity for everyone that takes part in it, and you can get a lot from it – but in the end, don’t forget that you are in a safe environment, where you can (and definitely should) try new things and test yourself on aspects that you may not have had the opportunity for before; and you always have the support from all Futury staff behind you.

It is amazing to see how three talents from three different countries (Germany, France, and Spain) and with various academic backgrounds (sociology and economics, business law and environmental technology, and computer engineering) grow together and value each other’s strengths. During the last two months, they have grown together as a team and jointly developed a customer-centric solution that is absolutely in line with the users’ and stakeholders’ needs. Their next milestone will be the final pitch in front of our corporate partners, and we are already looking forward to their presentation.

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,

Your Futury-Team


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