TM V: Week 1

February 22, 2021

TM5 – Week 1

„Mobility – Be Urban“ is on and our talents have already arrived in Frankfurt to set up their workplace and settle in for the program. For the upcoming weeks, they will work on individual solutions for a more sustainable future for the urban mobility that currently burdens our planet.  

Unfortunately, this Mission takes again place under the conditions of the Corona pandemic. Thus, we carried out rapid Corona tests with both our talents and our Futury team before entering the workshop space at TechQuartier. Luckily, all the tests showed negative results, and we were able to officially welcome our talents to the program.  

Vanessa Kämpf (Program Director) and Julia Stahl (Project Manager) greeted our five teams at TechQuartier with a warm welcome speech as well as a detailed intro session about the program’s structure and outline. In a first session, we have captured the talents’ expectations that reach from “learning new things“ to ”pushing the limits“. Most of our talents had not met physically before but Nelson Mejia from WeSpark managed to break through their reserves and bring them together as teams. With his unique teambuilding workshop, he helped our talents to get to know each other and to even overcome obstacles that lie hidden in the program’s future. Jule from Bain & Company, on the other hand, provided our talents with valuable insights about stakeholder management. By the end of the day, our teams have not only been equipped with interpersonal behavioral tricks but also all necessary software tools to be prepared for the upcoming workshops.

On Tuesday, our talents were able to dive into contentual and methodological sessions by meeting our corporate partners partly remote, partly on-site and learning about Design Thinking. Early in the morning, Björn Noack from Bain & Company mapped both challenges and developments within the market to give our talents an idea about where their journey could head towards. Afterwards, our corporate partners presented their companies to give our teams an impression of their challenges as well as of solutions that they can picture in the near and distant future. Our talents, on the other hand, were able to address questions to our partners and to reflect on future collaborations that fit their ideas best. Prominently, our main partner SEAT introduced their brand with all its facets and expressed both expectations and offerings towards the program and our talents. After an organized lunch break, Julia and Zyrian from Bain & Company introduced our talents to Design Thinking and kicked off a three-module workshop with exercises and explanations.  

On Wednesday, it was all about Design Thinking again, and our talents demonstrated their abilities in analyzing a problem and dividing it into its details. By developing their problem statements and personas, our teams had the chance to advance their ideas and, simultaneously, memorized important methodological tools.  

On Thursday, Anna Colucci and Thomas Mog remotely opened the day with their keynote speech that introduced the topic of climate change with a focus on the urban environment as well as hints and solutions on sustainable mobility. After this impactful speech, our teams had time to move into their offices. During their individual work time, they could further discuss their ideas and follow their own time schedule.  

On Friday, lastly, we kicked off the last workshops of our talents‘ first week to dive into storytelling and branding as well as into hard skills and group responsibilities. Vanessa and Philipp from Heylook provided our teams with tips on how to prepare a pitch and how to engage the audience by sharing valuable insights and inspiring stories. Afterwards, Julia guided our talents through another group building experience in which they discovered individual strengths and how to best incorporate these in their teams. What a day – what a week!

Looking back, it was a packed but insightful week, and we would like to thank our corporate partners for engaging with our teams. Further, we are amazed by our teams’ energy and look forward to seeing their ideas grow. For the next blog entry, you can already expect details about our kick-off event but make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to keep posted “on the go“.  

As always, stay tuned and stay healthy,  

Your Futury-Team


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