Energy – Be Empowered!

June 11, 2021

Energy is an essential part of our everyday life, but fossil fuels – as our major energy source – have led to the degradation of the environment, a large amount of carbon dioxide in the air and an increased global warming. The use of energy by various sectors (i.e. transportation, building) accounts for 73% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, we need cross-sector solutions for an immediate positive impact, and we strongly believe that we can change the world only together.  

The current Mission “Energy – Be Empowered!” is dedicated to find solutions for the energy sector by, once again, connecting young talents and experienced corporate partners to innovate together. Jointly, they will tackle the question of how we will produce energy in the future, operate networks, deploy services,and change consumption patterns. Specifically, our five teams will work on the management of energy demand, a peer-to-peer energy market, battery recycling, energy trading and the generation of energy from plants.

Out of 489applicants from 77 countries, we selected 20 talents from all over the world with different academic and professional backgrounds but a shared vision: to make the energy sector more sustainable. With innovative ideas, they aim to develop solutions that will disrupt and, ultimately, inspire the market.

Follow our weekly blog to see our teams’ solutions grow from a loose thought into actual business models and get to know our talents with their individual motivations and backgrounds.

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