TM4 - Week 6

December 17, 2020

The Interim Pitch! 

The week building up to the pitch had an earlier start than usually – the weekend. Even though Optimo usually uses the weekend to catch up on studies for university, this weekend was marked “unavailable for pitch preparation” in our calendars. Building up to the weekend, we had already prepared for the pitch mentally, but now was the time to follow through on the content. 

For all five teams in The Mission IV, the pressure was on! We all knew that this week was all about presenting an idea that could be realized after the three months.

Monday started as usual: internal sprint meetings in which goals and tasks for the week were planned. It continued with the Weekly Check-In with Futury, where final information about the setup of the pitch was discussed. Then the final countdown began… less than five days until the pitch. Through the week leading to the pitch, we were setting internal deadlines for submitting preliminary pitch decks. In order to perform our best, we went through iterative rounds of feedback with Bain & Company and the corporate partners. Our goal for this day – send another draft of the pitch deck to Bain by 3pm that day. The energy in the Tech Quartier was high – other teams were also busy. Collectively, but also separately, we were all working towards the common goal of the interim pitch. 

Tuesday was similar to Monday. On this day, many teams had their deep dive session with Bain, where the pitch decks were discussed and the storyline for the pitch. The deadline for the submission of the pitch deck and the pre-final run-through of the pitch in front of Bain and Futury was approaching. The whole day was dedicated to fine-tuning the pitch deck. There was no lunch break and the teams agreed not to leave the office until the pitch deck was finished. We ordered pizza, worked, did our usual sports challenges and continued working. Our evening ended between 12 am and 1 am that night. All the teams left at the same time with a sense of satisfaction.

Wednesday. Things are moving along. This day we had feedback from Futury and Bain on the pitch. Each team had an hour to talk to the partners. The teams used the time to improve their new ideas and implement the feedback.

On Thursday, the teams started practicing their pitches and testing them in front of the green screen. Small final changes were made and practice continued. Besides practicing, some team members worked on user interviews to get feedback before the pitch. Fun videos were made of each team on the day. Each team was asked to come up with a funny situation and the resulting videos were shown after the pitch.

Friday - the day of truth!!!

It was incredible seeing it all come together when the pitches finally began at 10 am. This is what we had been working towards! There was a strong sense of cohesion not only in the teams but also across teams! We were all rooting for each other. 

Each team had 20 minutes to pitch and 20 minutes for feedback. Three teams pitched before lunch and 2 teams after. We were the last team to pitch – at 2 pm. After an exhilarating day, we spent the evening with some early Christmas celebrations, the Secret Santa game. Each participant in The Mission drew a name from a week before and had to get this person a gift. This evening was the big reveal of Santa’s and exchanging of gifts. 

We let the last week slowly come to an end. The goal was to implement the feedback from the corporate partners as well as possible and to get further feedback in order to be as prepared as possible for the next year and the last four weeks before the end of the project.


Team Optimo


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