Mobility - Be Urban!

February 20, 2021

Heavy traffic influx, accidents, congestion, and air and noise pollution are just some of the problems that cities around the world currently face regarding micro and urban mobility. These issues have already resulted in an extensive impact on the environment and, therefore, lead to far-reaching implications for the mobility management of tomorrow. 

The current Mission „Mobility – Be Urban“ is dedicated to find new ways for future mobility by, once again, joining forces and connecting young talents and experienced corporate partners. Together, they will tackle the question of how the future of urban mobility should look like by defining new journeys for consumers, businesses and logistics. Specifically, our five teams will work on different innovation fields that are significant for mobility to become more customer-friendly and sustainable. 

Out of numerous applicants, we have selected 19 talents from all over the world with different academic and professional backgrounds but a single shared purpose: to bring sustainability into the business. Within the innovation fields of „Intermodal Vehicle – Drone Delivery“, „Charging Community Grid“, „Intermodal Fleet Management“, „Multimodal Mobility“ and „Nano Transport Vehicle“, they aim to develop solutions to inspire and drive the market. 

Follow our weekly blog to watch the solutions grow from raw ideas to devised prototypes, and also get to know our teams with individual motivations and inspiring stories.

Are you ready for a more sustainable future? Stay tuned and – most importantly – healthy, 

Your Futury-Team


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