November 4, 2021

The call for a sustainable transformation of our corporate world has never been louder: science demands and society expects that leading companies protect our planet and drive change to secure life on earth – they must transform themselves, find new structures, invent new products, and develop new processes. To support this transformation from within, Paula, Selina and Oriana develop a platform that helps corporates meet and track their sustainability targets: Sustainacy evaluates corporate goals, employees’ readiness, and the external environment to recommend the best implementable actions for carbon emission reduction. Meet the team:

1.    What is, in your opinion, the most pressing sustainability challenge? 

In the last few years, it became clear that we do not have much time to become more sustainable. Climate change is forcing businesses, politics, and society to act quickly. However, a successful sustainability transformation can only happen collectively, and the most pressing challenges are, therefore, the following questions: ‘how can we get everybody on board?’ and ‘where should we start?’. The answer to both questions is ‘ownership’. We see how prominent the topic has become but also how little action is taking place. Society finally acknowledges the importance of behaving sustainably, but the majority fails to take ownership. The more we believe that the issue is important but someone else's problem, the more valuable time we miss to tackle a transformation with actual deadlines! 

2.    How are you tackling this challenge together with your team at ‘The Mission’? 

We develop an employee-centric co-creating solution that accelerates your corporate journey towards carbon reduction.Tailored to companies’ specific goals, Sustainacy recommends managers policies to implement that generate a positive impact and help them track it transparently.  

With our diverse backgrounds, we make a unique multicompetence team. We are all very strategic and together bring a fantastic combination of human behavior, sustainability policy, and business expertise. 

3.    Where does your passion for sustainability and innovation come from? 

Although we have encountered the topic sustainability in different ways, we can proudly say that it is a shared core value for team Sustainacy.  We recognize that we, as a society, have come to the point of no return with irreparable damages and unthought environmental, societal and economic repercussions to come. And sometimes, when a problem seems overwhelming, we feel as if there is nothing we can do in the face of its enormity. However, saving our future is a collective task,and it starts with us and the decisions we make. This was the case with us at Sustainacy – it was urgency that propelled us into action. We realized that where innovation leads, change will follow, and to bring sustainable change, we first and foremost have to be innovative!  

4.    Why did you join ‘The Mission’?  

‘The Mission’ is a unique program and although our motivations are diverse, we share our eagerness to make new experiences and our interest to get a glimpse into what it takes to bea sustainable entrepreneur including first interactions with worldwide known corporations and sponsors.  

5.    What do you value the most at ‘The Mission’?  

Futury helps us structure the start-up process with its experience and knowledge while supporting us with valuable feedback. In addition, very talented young and purposeful people come together at ‘The Mission’, enabling vivid, inspiring exchange and mutual learning.  

6.    Which corporate partners are you working with and what role does Futury play during the program? 

Futury connected us with many corporate partners, and we closely work together with the Handelsblatt MediaGroup, ESMT Berlin, Procter & Gamble, Brightpoint Group and Osborne Clarke.

7.    And lastly: what is your vision for the future (and what do you recommend future talents)? 

Of course, we want to continue working on our concept after Futury and push the project forward! We will strive for further funding and hope to be able to attract investors soon. Firstly, thespecial thing about Futury is that very different personalities with various experiences and interests come together – that is why we can only recommend that if you are open-minded and believe in your ideas: take the plunge and send in your application; it's worth it! Secondly, time passes quickly and that is why we recommend future talents to make the most out of their time and resources at 'The Mission' and prepare themselves in goodtime for the time 'afterwards'. And of course, besides all the work, you should also leave enough roomfor fun activities together! 

With Sustainacy, the team will help companies to plan and drive organizational change, which – on the long run – will impact our entire natural and social environment. We are deeply impressed by the team’s passion and cannot wait for a launch into the market.


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