November 11, 2021

Companies play a decisive role in the sustainable transformation of our world, but the gap between the intention and the implementation of sustainable actions blocks the way towards a more sustainable future. Importantly, change must come from within to have a lasting positive impact. It is, therefore, crucial to create awareness and knowledge among employees – this is where our teame ducation focuses on. Meet Verena, Florent and Matthias:

1.    What is, in your opinion, the most pressing sustainability challenge? 

For us, the climate crisis is the most pressing sustainability challenge, because of its impact on every aspect of life and land in our world. Accordingly, everyone needs to understand the urgency of this matter, their own role and responsibility in this context as well as the role of politics and companies. The key to achieving change is through educating and empowering people on sustainability.

2.    How are you tackling this challenge together with your team at ‘The Mission’? 

We believe that education is the key to achieving critical thinking and innovation regarding sustainability. Therefore,we educate employees on sustainability topics that are relevant for their respective company. By doing this, we build the groundwork for employees to comprehend the company's sustainability activities as well as their importance. To fulfil our mission, we provide an e-learning tool that contains gamified processes as well as incentives fostering the employee’s motivation and engagement with sustainability topics.

3.    Where does your passion for sustainability and innovation come from? 

Our passion for sustainability comes from different angles. We got engaged through scientific approaches, our empathy for other people as well as our concern about a changing environment and future. We acknowledged the responsibility we have and the role we play in the climate change and wanted to contribute with what is possible for us to a positive change for this world. Our passionfor innovation helps us to find creative solutions for the needs that we identified. The process of innovation is very exciting and positively challenging for us.

4.    Why did you join ‘TheMission’ and what do you value the most at the program?  

We joined ‘The Mission’ because it provides a safe frame and everything you need as an aspiring entrepreneur to make your ideas come to life. ‘The Mission’ is an excellent chance to find a meaningful solution to urgent sustainability concerns, and to change the status quo by providing resources, knowledge, network, potential clients and tons of experience in creating a new business. It is an incredible opportunity to work with other motivated, like-minded people to create solutions that will have a significant impact on how our future.

5.    Which corporate partners are you working with and what role does Futury play during the program? 

Futury is our sparring partner and mentor that connects us to their great network while challenging and supporting us in how we work and think. In addition, we get very valuable feedback on our ideas in a very amicable and constructive frame. We had the opportunity to work with corporate partners such as Procter & Gamble, Kaufland and Prezero – just to name a few. They provided us with highly valuable insights into their company, their pain points, needs and ideas.

6.    And lastly: what is your vision for the future (and what do you recommend future talents)? 

Our vision for the future is that we keep working together on our idea and help the corporate world to become more sustainable with our tool. We envision employees to be empowered and motivated to engage with sustainability topics and being able to apply them to day-to-day business decisions. We recommend future talents to stay proactive, willing to learn and to keep questioning everything.  

An innovative and playful education curriculum provides employees of all levels with the fundamental terminologies, frameworks, and initiatives regarding sustainability while training them to embed these into their daily decisions and work. With ResolVert, the team will help companies to drive change from within and we are very curious for its impact.  


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