November 18, 2021

Today’s sustainability challenges are the perfect breeding ground for startups with the aim to deliver a positive economic, ecological and/or social impact. To succeed in their missions and visions, they need a funding and Donatus, Julius and Suren want to make sure that they attract (the right) investors – with mavue, a digital platform that provides ESG rankings and data on startups to help investors screen the market.

1.    What is, in your opinion, the most pressing sustainability challenge? 

In our opinion, there are many problems that can be tackled. One certainly big lever, if it is taken seriously, is finance and investment. At the moment, there is still far too much investment in unsustainable companies, which will show up as stranded assets in the coming decades and years.

2.    How are you tackling this challenge together with your team at ‘The Mission’? 

We have made it our task and mission to integrate sustainability into investment decisions from the very beginning, and with mauve, we want to ensure that ESG criteria are taken into stronger consideration and can also be more easily identified and generated.

3.    Where does your passion for sustainability and innovation come from? 

We all come from very different backgrounds, but we are united by the fact that everyone wants to and can contribute to the big problem. Linking innovation with sustainability can have a big impact if the political framework is right.

4.    Why did you join ‘TheMission’ and what do you value the most at the program?  

With its network, the partners, the expertise, the great people behind it, and the common idea of having sustainability as a fixed and most important part of the program, ‘The Mission’ offers the perfect opportunity to enable real change.

5.    Which corporate partners are you working with and what role does Futury play during the program? 

We generally work with all the partners, and they have all been able to give us important feedback and contacts. In particular, we work very closely with Futury Capital, Brightpoint and hy, as these partners are all active in the investment sector and can provide us with extra support in terms of knowledge and contacts.

6.   And lastly: what is your vision for the future (and what do you recommend future talents)? 

We hope that in the next few years, the right steps will be taken by politicians and then implemented by society and companies. Therefore, new talents are needed everywhere:so be open, take the chance to participate in such a program and grow beyond your horizon.

Helping investors to screen the market while allowing startups to showcase their sustainability impact will initiate an encompassing transformation. We are excited for this out-of-the-box solution and keep our fingers crossed for this incredible team.


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