Transformation through Inspiration

October 7, 2021

Sustainability is one of the most discussed topics of our century and the sustainable transformation of companies has turned into a top priority for politics, the economy, and our society. In fact, sustainability has moved to the top of almost every company’s agenda, but these often do not know where to start a transition. To close the gap between ambition and action, we need to help businesses reevaluate today’s approaches and develop holistic solutions that include the entire value chain – because a company’s success comes from within and starts with its employees.

Our inspiration team Selina, Paula and Oriana promote the controversial belief of ‘thinking inside of the box’ as an employee-centric, bottom-up approach to the sustainable transformation. Specifically, the team wants to help companies understand the employees’ attitude, ambition, and level of knowledge about sustainability as a prerequisite for planning and driving organizational change. With Sustainacy, they develop a platform that helps corporates meet and track their sustainability targets through a holistic approach, considering corporate goals, employees readiness and the external environment to evaluate and recommend the best implementable actions for carbon emission reduction. By providing the right incentives and a concrete action plan, Selina, Paula and Oriana will guide companies through the sustainable transformation and accelerate change fora lasting positive impact.

A playful check of personal interests in, ambitions for and behavior towards sustainability iskey to winning over people’s hearts, which – on the long run – is crucial for transforming business models. Our innovation program “Transformation – Be Sustainable!” starts right there with the aim to transform corporate sustainability, deliver market-ready tools, and empower companies. Together with young talents and experienced corporate partners, we turn sustainability challenges into innovation opportunities to (finally) bring sustainability into business: #JoinTheMissionNow


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