Final Pitch

December 3, 2021

Three month sago, we started our Mission “Transformation – Be Sustainable!” to discover, design and build solutions for the sustainable transformation of corporates. Together with Procter & Gamble, Kaufland, Schaeffler, ESMT Berlin, Brightpoint Group, Hy, Osborne Clarke, PreZero,and Handelsblatt Media Group, our three innovation teams Sustainacy, ResoLVert and Mavue validated concepts, developed solutions, and build first prototypes to solve today’s most pressing challenges through sustainable innovation. The Final Pitch has always been the ultimate milestone, which our talents and corporate partners looked forward to, and yesterday, we finally hosted our (digital) event.

At the Handelsblatt Headquarter, our interim program director Jannis Röthemeier welcomed our virtual guests right after our second ‘The Mission Summit’ toguide them through our pitch event. After a short introduction, a recap of the last three months and an outline of the next one-and-a-half hour, the first highlight on the agenda was a panel discussion with Till Tornieporth (Consultant at Hy), Maren Eckloff-Boehme (Founder and CEO at Brightpoint Group) and Michael Singer (Chief Risk Officer at Futury Capital), talking about the difference between and the relevance of ESG and impact investing, new business models such as carbon offsets, the role of venture capital in climate tech, and the influence of sustainable investing on the startup ecosystem. Subsequently, our teams demonstrated that the investment in sustainable startups is an important way out of the sustainability crisis by presenting their business models for the sustainable transformation.

Sustainacy built a digital tool that evaluates corporates’ goals and employees’ readiness for sustainability as well as external framework conditions to recommend the best implementable actions for carbon emission reduction. With their digital tool, Oriana, Selina and Paula aim to facilitate corporate decision-making, increase employee engagement, and foster a sustainable culture. Unlike current business models on the market, Sustainacy incorporates assessments, recommendation systems, cost-benefit analyses, employees’ readiness, and external monitoring altogether for a holistic approach towards the sustainable transformation.

Resolvert, on the other hand, developed a gamified sustainability e-learning platform for employees that – specified to corporates’ sustainability strategy – provides fundamental knowledge to increase awareness, deliver expertise, and encourage action. Focusing on employee’s education, Verena, Matthias and Florent incorporate individualized trainings, adaptable content, a sustainability databank and a reward system to translate fundamental knowledge into tangible actions and bridge the gap between the intention for and the implementation of sustainable measures.

Mavue, lastly, built a data-driven tool for investors and startups to accelerate their ESG due diligence journey by making ESG and impact visible and accessible to be incorporated into the decision-making. Providing business analyses, ESG assessments and relevant KPIs, Julius, Donatus and Suren help investors screening the market and startups featuring their impact to overcome the current lack of ESG data on startups while shifting investors’ focus on sustainable investing.

The feedback from our corporate partners and the online audience was overwhelming with praise for our teams’ solutions and suggestions on how to proceed. With mixed feelings, we are now wrapping up our program and on behalf of the whole Futury Team, we thank our corporate partners and talents for the great collaboration during the program, which hopefully has been the starting point for future partnerships.


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