Transformation through Activation

October 7, 2021

Sustainability has become one of the most trending buzzwords of our times, encouraging leading companies to re-think their business models as well as young entrepreneurs to found their own startups – sustainable startups that deliver a positive economic, ecological and/or social impact. For sustainable startups to succeed, however, they need a funding and most investment companies do not (yet) consider ESG criteria when screening the market or struggle to evaluate a startup’s sustainability – until now.

Our activation team Julius, Donatus and Suren aim to overcome the lack of ESG data on startups while enabling investors to incorporate sustainability into their assessment criteria. Specifically, they build a digital platform for (1) investors to view startups’ ESG data (including portfolio analysis, benchmarking, and taxonomy alignment) and (2) startups to valuate sustainability (including ESG reportings and materiality assessments). With Mavue, the team creates a bridge between investors and sustainable start-ups through a step-by-step holistic approach, which – ultimately– leads to more successful sustainable startups and a more sustainable future.  

Helping investors to screen the market while allowing startups to showcase their sustainability impact will initiate an encompassing transformation. With our innovation program “Transformation – Be Sustainable!”, we will transform corporate sustainability and deliver market-ready tools to empower the market. Together with young talents and experienced corporate partners, we turn sustainability challenges into innovation opportunities to (finally) bring sustainability into business: #JoinTheMissionNow




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