The Mission IV

October 21, 2020

Work, a topic that affects the whole world, and with that, 3.3 billion workers every day. Work largely defines the quality of life and the kind of life we can live. It is an elementary part of adulthood and a fundamental component of society since we spend at least 1/3 of our days at work. Drowned in our daily routine, we often ignore what's happening around us and don't have time to reflect on how, where, and with whom we work.  

In the next years, a whole new generation will enter the job market. They have different expectations from their employers and a value system built around the topic of sustainability.

Work is a crucial and changing part of life influencing all generations, which is why we have dedicated the upcoming mission to the topic: WORK BE NEXT. We want to answer the challenging question: How can we shape the how, where and with whom we work in a sustainable and future-oriented way? Facing the current situation of Covid-19 we want to include recent developments but also think beyond. We want to shape the future of work and innovate the working environment to make it more sustainable.  

The importance of sustainable innovation in this field is shown by the current situation and the record number of 1200 applicants for this project.
Out of these, we selected the final 20 talents that are divided into five teams. Starting now, the teams will work on five promising ideas and approaches for the next three months.

If you want to read more about this project, stay tuned and follow our weekly blog to get unique insights about The Mission: WORK – Be next!

You can look forward to getting further insights into what we do. You are going to get an introduction to the five Teams, get to know the corporate partners that actively support the project and a lot more.

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