The Mission: Construction

February 14, 2022

The construction sector accounts for 33 percent of the global green house gas emissions and 52 percent of the total waste inGermany. The industry’s environmental impact issignificant, but socialinequalities and economic inefficiencies must not be overlooked – the sector must become more sustainable in every sense of the word. The early-stage innovation and incubation platform Futury has long recognized the urgency of our economy’s sustainable transformation and with the upcoming incubation program ‘The Mission: Construction’, it finally tackles the construction sector.

Frankfurt am Main, 24 January 2022 – As part of thesustainability initiative THE MISSION by Futury, Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, Handelsblatt Media Group and PreZero, six international and interdisciplinary teams start into the incubation program ‘The Mission: Construction’. For the next three months, they will work together with, among other corporate partners from across the value chain, GOLDBECK, Knauf, Teckentrup, Schüco, Viega, HubOne, and Wisag to discover, design and build sustainable solutions for the construction sector. First point on the agenda will be a three-day onboarding week as well as the official kick-off event on Friday, February 4th, with a keynote speech, an interview, a corporate panel discussion and the teams’ first pitches livestreamed from the Handelsblatt Headquarter.

During the program, the six teams will go through a structured curriculum and organized work phases to turn their business ideas into startups – and their first-draft solutions are promising: organic insulation made from regional waste products, a software-based novel restructuring concept with on thermo modules, a digital data platform providing universal sustainability information, an automated product carbon footprint calculator, an information platform to promote the use of (digital) technologies, and a state-of-the-art multi-purpose warehouse.

“Our teams’ solutions are very promising, covering the entire construction value chain and drawing from multiple focus areas – and we have six teams with us, which is a novelty, but there were so many great ideas and talents. Altogether, we are satisfied with our selection process and expect a great outcome of our program”, explains Orsolya Sauerbrey, Program Director at Futury. This optimism stems from previous successes: the past seven incubation programs have resulted in 30+ incubations, 10+ accelerations and 5+ ventures – including the Recyda GmbH, which secured a seed funding from Futury Capital. Crucial to their success is the extensive network of excellent corporate partners – from hidden champions to DAX companies – as well as the thought-through program structure with an elaborate workshop curriculum.

“With THE MISSION, we bring new sustainable business solutions into practice and, thereby, change the way of how we do business – with our three-month incubation programs for early-stage startups, networking events and media formats", explains Charlie Müller, Founder and Managing Director at Futury. “By matching entrepreneurs-to-be and market leaders, we combine the best of both worlds to develop marketable solutions that have a lasting positive impact.”

Since 2019, THE MISSION has finished 7 incubation programs with 120+ entrepreneurial talents and 55+ corporate partners, focusing on respectively the ‘waste’, ‘banking’, ‘sports’, ‘work’, ‘mobility’, ‘energy’ and ‘corporate’ industry. From now on, it focuses on the three recurring topics ‘construction’, ‘waste’ and ‘food’, which will be covered all year round in collaboration of the entire ecosystem of corporates, startups, talents, institutes, and institutions. For ‘The Mission: Waste’, Futury is already looking for new talents who want to develop their own ideas as well as corporate partners who would like to be part of this large-scale initiative.


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