March 22, 2022

The construction sector ranks extremely low indigital penetration with striking gaps compared to other industries. As a result, construction companies miss the opportunity to increase their efficiency and, ultimately, lack behind in the sustainable transformation. What they now need are digital technologies and digital skills to start catching up and unleashing their innovation potential – they need IFFcon, an early-stage startup from ‘The Mission: Construction’ that will digitize the entire sector.

Anja, Bernard, and Dmitri, you are the three minds behind ‘IFFcon – Information ForFuture’ with the aim to increase the construction sector’s efficiency. Tell us: what is your solution about (and who is your solution for)?

The construction industry lags significantly behind in terms of digitalization and while conducting interviews, we identified a lack of knowledge about the use of digital tools. Therefore, we came up with our solution: an all-in-one information platform that provides a marketplace for creators of digital tools and a comparison and learning platform for people working in the construction industry – with simple step-by-step instructions, videos, and tutorials about how to include digital tools into the daily business of the industry.

With your conducted interviews, you identified a particular problem in the market and derived your solution directly from a need – that is very impressive regarding the impact, but also ambitious in terms of the implementation. Why are you the right team to put this idea into practice – what makes you, as individuals and as a team, unique?

What makes our team unique is diversity – we are three young entrepreneurs from completely different backgrounds. Anja with her background in biology will conduct research and focus on the verification of content on our platform. Bernard studied business administration and has the necessary experience in the construction industry to develop our business plan and strategy. Dmitri, as our software developer, will realize the technical solution of our idea. However, there is one thing we all have in common: the aspiration to have a lasting impact and to transform the construction industry! 

Your shared passion for innovation and sustainability has been verypalpable during our Interim Event last week, when you presented your solution to our corporate partners again. With the event, we are now halfway through our incubation program ‘The Mission: Construction’ – six weeks gone, six weeks left.What did you achieve so far during the program and what is still left on your agenda?

Our first step was to talk to as many of our potential users as possible. This gave us valuable insights, and we realized that our solution is urgently needed to finally make digitalization easy and tangible for everyone within the construction industry. However, we got challenges ahead of us: while Dmitri will develop our technical solution, Anja and Bernard will conduct interviews with creators of digital tools to integrate their tools into ourplatform.

At ‘The Mission’, you have direct access to companies from across the construction industry and beyond as sparring partners, information givers and door openers. Who are you working with (the most) and how do you cooperate?

Futury provides us with valuable resources to realize our solution and we are more than grateful for this! The exchange with cooperate partners is one of the aspects that make the program unique. By now, we had the chance to regularly discuss our solution with partners such as Bain & Company or the program’s premium partners GOLDBECK and Knauf, who helped uswith their leading industry experience. However, the partners also gave us valuable insights when it came to prototyping, design thinking and our business model while connecting us with potential users. We are happy to continue this great exchange in the next weeks.

Looking behind our program’s horizon: what are your plans with IFFcon for the future?

By aspiring to become the No.1 Library of digital tools within the construction industry, we plan to provide an all-in-one information source where everyone within the industry can inform themselves about digitalization and how to implement digital tools within their company. In short: digitalization made easy! The time saved through short and concise information should then be used to build the future.


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