Week 9 - Meet Team Energy!

September 16, 2020

Week 9: Meet Team Energy - 16.09.2020

Hey everyone,

As promised, meet our second Team of SPORTS - Be Sustainable!Team Energy!
Their initial problem statement was, "How can we guarantee an efficient operation, lighting, and heating in the Allianz Arena?".

Therefore, we got Sofia, Marc and Pranav - three talents with different skills and expertise and three different cultural backgrounds - to find an innovative and sustainable solution. Let’s see what they came up with to tackle this challenge ...

1. Hi Team Energy! You've been working together for two months now. How was it in the beginning? What is your highlight so far as a team?

Marc: In the beginning, everything was new for us because we did not know much about the program, the other team members and the environment where we would work in for the next three months. That is why we used the time to get to know each other better on a personal level and to define our roles in the team according to our individual strengths. It also took us some time and different rounds of ideation, iteration and feedback to come up with our final idea. This was also a personal learning for me that innovation is something that you cannot just plan and that there is no overall blueprint for it.

But in the meantime, we have found an idea, in a success of which we all believe in and on which we work hand-in-hand. Our different backgrounds and skills complement each other very well, which is why we are making a fast progress and are currently conducting the first user tests with our prototype.

There is not one special highlight for us as a team, but we rather enjoy the small achievements. For example, when in a conversation with a potential customer, we see that our idea can solve their real problem.


2. How do you motivate each other and keep up the good energy?

Pranav: We enjoy every team moment in “The Mission”, be it a lunch together or a celebratory ice cream. Futury has brilliantly matched us with our diverse backgrounds into one team. I believe that this matching has been one of the key factors for our successful collaboration. Since we are a great combination of diverse backgrounds, we divide tasks based on our complementary roles and try to support and inspire each other. Every Monday, we plan our week and set the individual goals, so that we are always well prepared for meetings and deadlines.

Also, we organize team events where the three of us go out for dinner or to some nice place to talk about our personal lives outside “The Mission”. This is how we get to know each other even better. Additionally to our own effort, Werte Stiftung gave us great support with value-workshops, which came at a very good time and has proven to be extremely valuable for our team.

3. Now over to your idea. What problem are you currently trying to solve, and what is your solution?

Sofia: There is always one key issue we are trying to solve: How to develop a solution that our customer will love? Our team is developing a B2B marketplace and match-making platform that should help our customers find the right sustainable energy technologies. To build it, we have several issues to solve. First, we need to make sure there are enough products to offer on our platform. Second, we are searching for the right business model, which is able to provide us enough revenue. Last but not least, we are thinking about how to convince our partners that we are the right team to enable this idea. We personally have no doubts that this idea will be implemented sooner or later. The question is, who will do it first.


4. What corporate partners are you working with, and how has your collaboration been so far?

Sofia: We mostly work with three corporate partners: Siemens, Allianz Arena and Allianz. From Siemens, we closely collaborate with Sales and Acquisition professionals from their Real Estate and Smart Facility departments. Another important partner for us is the Allianz Arena. Their experts from Operation Management provided us great support, especially at the initial stage of the project. Similarly, Allianz helped our team by connecting us to their Real Estate department which enabled us to define the target customer group. I must say that in "The Mission", we really work with corporate partners together, who are also taking sustainability seriously. We see it by their willingness and openness, with which they share insights about their businesses with us, and by their quick responses to our requests for support.


5. What are your next steps before the final pitch?

Pranav: To transform our idea into a real product, we are focusing on building a Minimum Viable Product, or as our mentor and Co-Founder of Futury, Charlie, likes to call it ­– a Minimum Lovable Product. First, we build a clickable prototype that will show the user flow for our two customer groups. Then, we plan to develop a match-making mechanism to explain what our platform will be based on. Finally, we will further refine our business model and finalize the most suitable revenue streams. We also continue developing the sustainability strategy for our idea and potential business and sustainability KPIs.


6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Now our last question: Why should other young talents join The Mission?

Marc: “The Mission” is a journey where you can learn on many different levels. On the one hand, you are your own boss and can put your own ideas into life. On the other hand, you learn to organize yourself and how to interact with other people in the business world as well as in your small project team. “The Mission” is a great chance to start your own business in a safe environment with an incredible support through workshops from experts in various fields. In my opinion, it is also the intercultural and interdisciplinary environment that makes the whole project so exciting and fosters the generation of new and great ideas. Furthermore, you can benefit from the great network and expertise of the corporate partners who are always willing to help and can put you in touch with the right people to solve your problems. It is the combination of all of these aspects that makes “The Mission” so unique.

Thank you so much Voltastic - keep up the good energy until the final pitch and make your idea happen :)!

Now that you already got to meet two of our five teams, there are three more teams to go - so stay tuned!


Laura & Shannon


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